Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


It’s not a fringe idea when all but one of the major parties in England have advocated it.


Because remaining is the situation we are in now as members of the EU.
Any other ref would be a continuation of the process started in 2016, it’s all part of the same vast constitutional change.
Therefore the standard position (remain) is the one protected by the need for a threshold and leave the seismic change that needs a super majority.


I would also take those choices and I think remain would win out of those.


I think if you presented those three options, you’d see the leave vote split to the extent that remain wins, assuming that electoral fatigue doesn’t depress turnout asymmetrically.


Actually - you said England. Good-o.


Did the SNP advocate a referendum too?

EDIT: nevermind



@geoff said that 2/3rds of the electorate don’t want a 2nd referendum

My response is ‘that figure is meaningless without a comparison to how much of the electorate wanted a referendum back in 2013/2014 etc’

And without having any polling I can absolutely guarantee that there never was, at any point before, during or after Cameron’s election success, a public call from 1/3 of the electorate that a referendum on Europe was urgent and necessary. There was no public clamour for it at all, certainly not 1/3 of the electorate calling for it


That’s the assumption that I’d make, want, hope and seems mathematically more likely

But I’ve met the man in the street …etc


It’s a fair rebuttal but it’s not meaningless, when used to point out a pretty significant flaw in the aims and strategy of those who wish to stop Brexit (a cause I am incredibly in favour of).


If I wanted to be disingenuous, I’d say that in 2014, 26.6% of the electorate made a clear statement in favour. Of course, that would be a disingenuous interpretation of the European Elections that year, but still…


Yeah, I’m surprised at some of you lads in here

You all know that modern campaigning is so heavily based on appealing to floating voters in marginal seats

Brexit/Europe was a marginal issue that has been forced on us all by Cameron’s incompetence and blown out of all perspective.

And now? Why doesn’t the biggest issue Brexit simply eat all the other issues? Well, it has


How many people do we actually think voted for the LDs or Greens specifically wanting a referendum though?? I voted Green in 2015 and I didn’t bloody want one.

Labour that year were pushing for more controls on immigration etc. Remember the mugs? And how many of you guys voting for Labour agreed with that?!?

And last time I checked I think there were only 2 parties in NI (the Greens and People Before Profit) who wanted to streamline abortion laws with the rest of the UK, but there was a poll recently showing a clear majority of the population wants that. Think it’s a bit unfair to equate party policy with how popular a measure actually is.


So its not just in the brexit referendum that people don’t know what they’re voting for.

Why aren’t the #fbpe lot asking for reruns of all them


Not sure it’s necessarily that people don’t know what they’re voting for (hi), they just prioritise other stuff. I was more put off by immigration dogwhistling than I was by the referendum support.


Because we accept that political parties are a mixed bag but a single issue referendum is…different?

Disclaimer; I am in no way an fbpe wanker


@jimmyhuntspill ^ see? we’re constantly arguing.


I agree, democracy has failed.

People vote not knowing what you’re voting for most of the time, myself included. Or they vote with their ‘team’ who they’ve voted for 20/30 years, or cos of what the papers told them to.

With brexit some people literally did vote cos of bendy bananas. Or something to do New Zealand lamb was one I heard recently. That was a good one. When you hear that and then look at how deeply complex the situation with brexit and the EU is it’s not unreasonable to say people didn’t know what they were voting for.


So you’re suggesting a dictatorship?





you have selected ‘me’, meaning me.

you are correct