Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


The glorious socialist republic of DiStopia under our glorious leader @brusma. All hail @Brusma.


Not sure why you’ve mentioned the LDs or the Greens in here when it wasn’t me suggesting that their voters backed it.

I was just highlighting that the idea of a referendum wasn’t a fringe one politically, even if few voters actively cast their ballot on the idea.


Bamnan, this has been overlooked in all the squabbling, and if it was a joke apologies for taking it seriously, but please don’t kill yourself. It looks really bad at the moment, and it may well get worse before it gets better. But you’re clearly a very talented person and this shit shit world would be even shitter if you weren’t making music in it.

I know from experience that I can’t reasonably ask you to never think about it, but please don’t ever do it. If for no other reason than you seem to be pretty useful at video games and therefore I think you’ll be a good addition to my anti Brexit-Zombie killsquad if a no-deal Brexit is as bad as we fear. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks man, it’s just hard to feel any hope for the future isn’t it?


entertaining myself quite nicely by chanting that along with this chorus


Yeah man, it really is. I’m in a relatively comfortable position due to my middle class upbringing (though I am basically about to lose my job), but my fiancée is “foreign” so god knows what’s going to happen to us post 2019. Gulags for the both of us I suspect.

But just take comfort that there are other people who want to avoid this too. Even if we are just nerds on the internet


you considering just doing a fast civil wedding now to lock down any issues?


We’ve actually had our wedding planned for April 2019 for quite some time. Main problem is that my current position is going from full-time to 3 days a week in September (meaning I’m going to be priced out of it because I won’t be able to afford commuting from Oxford to London on that kind of pay). Getting Interviews for other positions but some of them wouldn’t pay enough to meet the threshold for a marriage visa (thanks for that one May, you absolute chode)

I think we might be screwed


if you marry now though you can get around it? then have a party in april?


I thought that law was already in place?


ah apologies i think you’re right :confused: i’m sorry dude that’s fucking tough. so your partner is non-european?


Yeah, American. Don’t apologise, and thanks for the thought! :slightly_smiling_face: Idk if marriage visas will matter once the camps are set up anyway :man_shrugging:t2:


oops finally scrolled my way to the bottom and I’ve posted that in among some serious chat eh, sorry.

think a lot of the talk about personal physical safety being massively compromised immediately following Brexit is overblown.


Maaaaaan, that’s so fuckkng shitty

I really hope you can sort it out and turn shit around for your own sake. I know from my own personal situation that even if you manage to get safe you’ll still be seething about being put through this & everyone else who’s put through it because of shitty politicking


Also, thanks for writing that realt to @bamnan upthread - it was the perfect response

And Bammers…love you man, hang in there. There’s tons of folks pushing back. Have faith in the future :pray:t3:


Thanks for the kind words :slightly_smiling_face: Who knows, maybe we can use her citizenship to emigrate too the liberal utopia that is America…


Virgin Islands?


Unfortunately neither of us could sincerely wear a chastity ring


Wouldn’t live somewhere that Branson owns


thanks I don’t need a lot just a couple of reasons to carry on living.

Hopefully will get back into some music soon as that always helps :slight_smile:


Whilst you’re a great poster and right-on about a lot of things I’d be careful saying things like this. You may well be right, and I hope that you are. But given the path we’re heading down it’s not inconceivable that this kind of scenario occurs, and I don’t think it’s an overreaction for people to worry about it, especially those who might suffer most from it.