Summer 2018 Brexit Thread


Link doesn’t seem to work but there’s an article in the ft about power shortages in NI if a hard Brexit happens.

Why are we still doing this?



difficult to know innit.

like 3/4 of the people I love the most depend on disability benefit to live so I am properly invested on the worrying side, this isn’t said through detachment.

but I do think the fear of street level violence/food shortages/whatever could be used to do far worse things than the initial shocks themselves and i worry about us talking it into being.


absolutely, and I didn’t mean to lecture so apologies if that’s what I did. Your last point about talking it into being is an interesting one - it’s a very fine line. You would hope that talking about it would be a wake up call to enough people that they might consider the options more seriously. As you said, it’s so difficult to know


no, you’re alright pal, didn’t take it like that at all.

I just don’t see a time fear has been anything but a positive to the right and a negative to the left. I’m not trying to talk down the disaster that Brexit will be here, but even going on the worst forecasts, people in Britain will have a better standard of living than 95% of the world.

what really worries me is the shock & panic pushing everything towards authoritarianism and fash.

all shouting into the storm isn’t it. ahh.


The depraved fuckers


This is from last year, and it was a slightly disingenuous reading of the situation by the Independent, if I recall correctly.


How so? Idk when it’s from but it’s on their website front page today


Don’t trust the source, but this is still the best summary I could find:


Ahhhhhh Labour ahead in the polls


This is a pretty weaksauce response to what @imaperv posted tbqfimho. Might not have been so bad if it was to I’ve of the regular politibores on this thread like me, @xylo or @NickDS but this is to someone with a legit comment who hasn’t been part of the repeat loop here.

General elections are contested between various parties, and on a basis that people are largely familiar with. The EU ref was a binary choice about something that people were unfamiliar with. Can’t really compare the two.

You didn’t include that caveat in your original post.

Which, on its own, looks like an accusation that anyone not cutting Labour is part of the problem. Which is a position that I’ve seen more than a few Labour members/supporters take. If you’re not with us you’re against us is a naff stance.

~ ~ ~

All this brings me back to blaming Nick Clegg. Proportional representation would’ve muted the impetus for an EU ref. By just about any measure, UKIP should have had more parliamentary representation than a couple of Tory defectors. Same goes for the LDs before them, and the SDP in '83. And, in truth, there’s plenty of scope for saying that the SNP are overrepresented at Westminster because of FPTP nonsense. All this hegemony does is fuel the disaffection that results in shit like Brexit.

Back to Clegg. He had two jobs. He fucked up on tuition fees. And he fucked up on voting reform. And, in doing so, he fucked the fledgling multi-party situation that was slowly emerging against all odds and in spite of the rules of play. And in fucking the credibility of the LDs (or outing them as what they were/are - take your pick), we lost an unambiguous pro-Europe party political voice. (Although, to be fair, at least he did something. Labour did diddly on voting reform. And completely fudged devolution - not setting up an English parliament at the same time as setting 'em up in NI, Wales & Scotland was a misstep in UK terms.)

Aaaaanyway. Long story short, I genuinely don’t think that the UK can credibly be described as a modern functioning democracy.

I get that voting reform isn’t (or hasn’t been) am election-winner that sets the country’s pulses racing, but it needs sorting before anything can be expected to get better.




You know how the EU made all those rules that we have no say in and dictate laws to us?





government shite paper


" Iain Duncan Smith , the Conservative Brexiter, says he has “deep misgivings” about what the government is planning."

finally, a bit of good news.


lol ridiculous


guardian link for what you’re talking about

it’s insane, even by the standards of everything else about brexit


So not only can the people of Ireland look forward to a hard border (and maybe a return of the troubles) they can do it all in the dark as well.

How has the UK got itself into this situation?