Summer 2018 Brexit Thread




“nonce…peterson? from the 4th floor?”


Good job they don’t do stuff like that where I work!

Imagine being such a dismal boss that you’d report someone for that.


ghosthalos boss is sat back next to him again


Good. NickDS from DiS say’s you’re a narc pal.


think this is changing gradually, as a result of public opinion (so it still feels like the parties themselves are often lagging behind the public a bit). Alliance and the Ulster Unionists allow a free vote of conscience on the issue, the former includes some outspoken advocates for abortion reform, the latter not so much. the SDLP have just recently allowed a free vote of conscience too and their leader was in favour of repealing the 8th but they still call themselves a pro-life party and still seem heavily full of pro-life melts. Sinn Fein have pinned their colours to the mast of abortion reform and were heavily in favour of Repeal the 8th but last i read they hadn’t had an official change of policy yet as it has to happen at the Ard Fheis/Conference. not sure of their exact position on just how liberalised it should be at the moment, i expect they’ll back mirroring the impending new laws of the republic rather than the UK. think Michelle O’Neill was recently saying that merely allowing a vote of conscience on it is a cop-out.


i’ve moved to another team for a while and my new manager works a different floor and a different shift, and my screen isn’t really visible to others, therefore i now get far less work done as i’ve started dicking about on the internet constantly

(it’s alright i’m off today)


A new NHS campaign is recommending everyone to eat 5 acorns a day as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Jump-cut to two years in the future where this isn’t satire and it’s down to four due to acorn shortages.


Fucking shit show


Not even 10am Monday morning and this week looks set to be another laugh riot



I love the fact that the twitter feed of a Financial Times journalist contains retweets of memes made up by people a lot of us know IRL.


Simon Hedges?? KNEW he was a DiSer!


Not a single mention of this on the beeb as far as I can see. Can one of yous with your finger on the pulse let me know if the Indy are exaggerating, the beeb are playing hush-up, or somewhere in between the two?


It is pretty serious, as the government have effectively ripped up the Chequers proposal to placate the ERG, and I expect that there won’t really be a Tory rebellion to counter it.

It’s very, very weird that the BBC have had absolutely no coverage of this on their website at all today.


Thanks. I thought that was the case but didn’t want to assume. Mark it down as another case off “I can’t wait to see how old Theresa will wriggle out of this one”


Particularly odd given that it’s the lead story on the Radio 4 6 o’clock news now.


Front page of the bbc website


It’s just been added:

It’s been a developing story all day, so I don’t know why this is the first piece on it.