Summer Cricket Thread 🏏 🦗 (looks like insects are back on the menu) 🦗

Looks like he’s practicing for Strictly

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If you’re being cynical, he needs to play it up as it’s his excuse for obliterating the guard mark in the India series.

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Decent grab tbf


It’s been over 15 years and I still can’t believe that Colly catch. Looks like he working his magic with John Paul, that’s a screamer.

Swann on commentary?



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Sake Johnny

Wasn’t bowled though. Progress

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That instant review made me think he’d middled it onto his pads, not miss it by a yard.


awful review, truly awful.

Patel continues to bowl grenades eh, hes deadly

He middled his pads

Next step, hitting the ball

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the “funny guy” of cricket whats not to like

That Bairstow wicket looks stupider every time it’s replayed.

Haha, as if this is called the Narendra Modi Stadium. Can’t wait to smash them in the summer at the Boris Johnson Oval.

Ahhh Bairstow. Almost like he’s trolling the selectors at this point.

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“round the wicket - left arm grenades”


Butcher been dropped for mocking Kohli?

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Crawley really is some player. If it wasn’t for everyone else so far this morning things would be looking good


Am I being an idiot? Yes. I know we can watch on channel 4 but which radio has it? Can’t find on BBC or even, shudder, talk sport.