Summer Cricket Thread 🏏 🦗 (looks like insects are back on the menu) 🦗

Just checking that I shouldn’t go into this thread until the match has ended on my hooky stream.

Absolute smut from Nasser there

Fucked it

Hell of an innings from Curran regardless

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Even if Curran hadn’t slipped there was never, ever 2 there.


Well played Curran. Really had no right for this to even be close tbh. Sloppiness from India kept it interesting

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Was some extremely village fielding there.

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Don’t know if anyone is interested in fantasy cricket but I’ve found a pleasingly amateurish online county championship version which I’ve entered. I’ve found out the scoring but that’s about it.

If anyone else can be bothered I’ll set up a league.

Had a nets session for the first time in years, felt so good :cricket_bat_and_ball: Bowled about 20 overs as well as batting, so my right arm is probably going to fall off by tomorrow.


Quick, get India over for a return series.

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Meh, if she was any good she would have thrown it high enough that her mate could catch it.

safety wink

I would not want to be stood in the field at Old Trafford this morning.

It’s a day to be bowling. Currently the combined top orders of Notts, Sussex, Derbys and Glamorgan are 29/7.

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Because the bowlers are able to run to keep warm

Live feeds have really improved from the days of two fixed cameras and limited graphics, perfect background viewing whilst working.

Nice start for Warwickshire, hopefully actually manage to win a game this season.

Batsmen making a comeback at Old Trafford as the ball aged.

I see 99 year old Darren Stevens has done the business again for Kent

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Lancashire have ragged Jack Carson around the ground a bit.