Summer Cricket Thread 🏏 🦗 (looks like insects are back on the menu) 🦗

Booked tickets for the Roses CC match at OT in a couple of weeks :grinning:

Now watch it not make it to day 3


Given the weather its more likely to be a wash out.

Well it’s old Trafford, so yeah

LBW - latin by wankers.


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England squad for NZ tests will be announced soon. We’ve got an absolute embarrassment of riches in the fast bowling department right now. Obviously we’ve got the two greatest English fast bowlers of all time fit and ready to go. We’ve got two genuinely fast bowlers also fit in Wood and Stone. Craig Overton is in superb form.

There’s also any number of uncapped options playing well and pushing for selection - in order of (my assumed) likelihood of selection, Olly Robinson (FC career 275 wickets @ 21.05), Ben Coad (167 @ 19.73), Jamie Porter (362 @ 24.72, usually in a championship winning team), Ben Sanderson (264 @ 20.51). Robinson will surely get a go this summer, he’s taken 9 in an innings already this year and has been unbelievably consistent the last few years.

That’s not to mention our allrounders Stokes, Woakes and Curran. None are immediately available though so maybe the selectors will go for a bit of a wildcard in Darren Stevens Ryan Higgins, FC career 2014 runs @ 34, 155 wickets @ 20.97.

Plus Jofra Archer will presumably be fit again at some point.

Might be worth taking a view on Archer and managing his cricket, leaving him out of the tests, and having him ready for the world Cup, and hopefully fit to go on the Ashes tour.

Not sure Root can be trusted to not over bowl him if he’s selected.

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Could be right about managing it, the chat around his elbow is not positive at all, might be a career long issue. Would be a shame to lose him from tests especially as I think that’s where he will be most effective but really we just want to see him bowling at his best for England, whichever format it is.

With our all rounders you should be able to pick him and use him as a pure strike bowler, in 3 to 4 over bursts 3 times a day. Which should be ideal on Ozzie pitches.

The temptation to use him to bowl back of a length, to stop up an end has been too much for Root previously though.

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I don’t think you can go into a test with one of your bowlers on a pitch count, there’s too much that can go wrong. You never know when you might end bowling 150 overs in an innings, certainly in Australia, and there’s always the possibility another bowler gets hurt as well. For example, if you had Archer playing like that, you couldn’t have Anderson in the team, and you’d also be relying on perhaps Stokes to bowl upwards of 30 overs.

A record is in the offing in the CC. Perennial cricket thread favourite Darren Stevens (45) is currently 181 not out with 15 sixes. The record for an innings in the CC is 16 sixes. All time first class record is 23 incidentally.

Ninth wicket partnership currently worth 166. Miguel Cummins is 1 no.

Shit, knew I’d ruin it. Stevens is out.

I hope you’ll be doing him a full letter of apology. One of the most brazen jinxings I think we’ve ever seen on here.


:grimacing: :grimacing: It was a bit of a shocker.

what does marnus bowl?

Leg spin

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i thought he did, the cricinfo comms were saying he was bowling bouncers so was confused, afridi used to love a bouncer as well tbf didnt he

Oh yeah, good point. Maybe he just got frustrated with Stevens tonking him everywhere and chucked in a couple of bouncers but it’s possible he does bowl a bit a seam up as well

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just found ths of him in grade cricket
cool! looks fairly quick, the lad

So nice to be back down the cricket, better batting performance from Warwickshire than recent weeks as well


Looking good in the Roses game. All right thinking people will be happy with the first day so far.

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