Summer Cricket Thread 🏏 🦗 (looks like insects are back on the menu) 🦗

Early a salt on the bowling

Completely fucked the coverage there

It’s fun watching cricket on Freeview, but this thing is absolutely riven with gimmicks, isn’t it?

let buttler face some balls?

Big fan of the kid who was properly gawping at the camera just then.

Big fan of this kid in general

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Fucks sake

That’ll be the game then. First men’s match a damp squib.

Never seen Narine bowl before.

Triffic stuff.

Absolute pumping.

That shot certainly wasn’t acceptable in the 80s

Oh yeah!

Something really irking me about adults buying the shirts of brand new franchise teams and patting or kissing the badge. Can’t get behind that sort of instant win with no rite of passage.

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ding ding ding

Those fucking graphics

“Things you were slow to realise about the Hundred” subthread:

  1. the bar on the side for the number of balls shrinks as the number of balls decreases

  2. so does the target runs bar as the target gets closer

  3. the runs bar probably goes up in the first innings as the score mounts but I was too slow to realise and will have to wait for next time to check

Don’t like that the new batsman’s on strike whatever. Seems like you’ll be able to pin a rabbit down in a close run chase

Annoyingly the arrows in those bars don’t stay still, which makes doing direct comparisons trickier.

Should I get into the Hundred?

It was fun last night. No reason not to really

It’s good having cricket on domestic telly. The 1st match was exciting. Last night’s one less so, but I still got sucked in. Just wish it wasn’t Vaughan & Tuffers on commentary on BBC