Summer Cricket Thread 🏏 🦗 (looks like insects are back on the menu) 🦗

My thoughts - Paine lost his cool and let it get to him, apology is warranted . Move on, the pile on is a bit over the top

Don’t really understand what Smith was doing! I am surprised umpires both on field and off never pick up on fielding teams mucking about on the crease. Still, over the top pile on

Fuck off Vaughan ya dickhead!

There is a lot of uncertainty and confusion about what the future holds in many ways but one thing that will be a constant is that we will pile on to the aussie team.

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I would not expect anything less

Woken up just as Bess gets 2 in 3. SL not had a great start.

Went to have a look at the ground at Galle when i was there just over a year ago. It’s tiny

Every person I spoke to about cricket there was all “barmy army, crazy guys, drink too much but spend a lot of money”


Wonderfully village stuff from SL, this

Looked out that

xW klaxon


First reaction to bowling a team out for 135 isn’t excitement but “let’s see how we get on”


If only we’d brought Keaton Jennings

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James Vince’s attractive 22 would actually be a somewhat helpful score for once.

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Are Burns, Stokes and Archer all injured? WIll they be in India?

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Stokes and Archer rested, Burns’ partner is about to give birth

I presume they’ll be in India

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Most of the Indian team are getting injured here at the moment, so they might be a bit short when you lot turn up

Though Kohli should be pumped for it

Nice of us to try and make a game of it

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I have faith in our Yorkshire heroes.

Really enjoying the Moose Cup Powered by Daraz Series so far

Sad that Dhananjaya de Silva got injured against South Africa - watched some of the highlights, and he was playing a beautiful knock until he did his hamez…

It’s no worse behaviour than normal really, but the problem he has now is the “change” in culture that is supposed to have happened, and the year long propaganda documentary he was part of. Elite this and elite that, elite sportsmanship and taking elite dumps at lunchtime. Just might as well stick to his guns, the Aussies need to be the baddies.

He needs to be absolutely squeaky clean. If he can’t see that this isn’t something he should be doing, I don’t know what to tell you. And the defense from his teammates is pitiful, oh that’s just what Smithy does, he’s a bit quirky! Also he just quirkily tampers with the ball! It being supposedly a habit isn’t fine. I bet he manages not to do it again now.

Standing item on the agenda on your and our sides of the globe.


In @ a week when they next disgrace themselves?