Summer Cricket Thread 🏏 🦗 (looks like insects are back on the menu) 🦗

Just caught up on the day. Starting at 5am isn’t ideal, but it occurred to me last night that there’s nothing stopping me recording the whole day and starting it at 9am. So I did.

Sri Lanka are a bad team right now, but that was still embarrassing. The flimsiest of efforts with the bat. Poor old Kumar looked ready to shoot the lot of them. He (unsurprisingly) said something really sensible about players not falling back on simply “playing their own game”. Test cricket requires adaptability, not just ploughing on regardless, otherwise it’s just an excuse. Made me think back to Headingly last year when Ben Stokes got through the last session on about 6 from 70 balls, then went ballistic next day when it was needed.

Chandimal needs to have a real word with himself after being dropped slapping one to cover, then doing it again. And the reverse sweeps, Lordy. Dismal batting.

Also would be great if Bairstow re-establishes himself in the team, he’s top 3 in the country for talent.


Justin Langer absolutely losing his rag on the TMS podcast. You love to hear it.




If India could field and run between wickets (and not get injured as much) they’d be all over us in this series

Aussie batting has been so patchy

And well done to Nath playing his 100th test (hmmm I wonder what this threads favourite Lyon moment is - really hard to work it out!)

Here is playing his first state game in his teens (just look what cricket does to you!)


Seen 2 no balls from spinners this morning

Ban this sick filth

Lol, and now he looks like Fredo from The Godfather

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Yeah, seem very reliant on Labs and Smiffy. I’m sure Smith will be back scoring a hundred in every innings when England arrive later this year. Having said that, I watched some highlights of the last Test and Cameron Green looked pretty tasty. Looked like a proper Test bat and then went seamlessly into T20 mode when Aus needed quick runs

Yep obviously a confidence thing with Green, need to give him time. That 84 last test definitely lifts hopes of the future. He’s struggled today but hanging in. Hope he breaks through when bowling

Warner is in all sorts at the moment, needs to lose the moustache!

You’d be absolutely kicking yourself there. Best possible situation to grab a debut century


I quite liked this from the cricinfo commentary (would need development though)

"Just thought of a great new cricket-themed comedy gameshow, a Cricinfo mash-up a la ‘Eight out of Ten Cats does countdown’: Select random bits of Cricinfo ball-by-ball commentary and then ask Americans who are totally unfamiliar with cricket to act them out:EG - 'Tossed up straighter and he’s across on one knee to sweep for a couple

’ or ‘tossed up slower on off, bottom-handed punch into the covers from Lawrence.’ Or how about ‘Flighted legbreak, Lawrence is forward on off stump and watches it spin through.’ Call it ‘Cricinfo does Saturday Night Live’."

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This poor guy’s taking an absolute battering. Hard to watch.

Always feels slightly rude when one of your team scores way more than the other team got combined. If this was 5-a-side someone would step in about now and say “shall we swap the teams around a bit?”

Lawrence looked really good apart from the crazy hoick. Will be massive for our young guys if Root starts scoring reliable big runs again, takes so much pressure off.

Christ, just tried to read that as if I wasn’t familiar with cricket, and it’s a mess:

Tossed up

Assuming this is a sex joke


Okay, slower I can get, that word makes sense.

on off

Fuck on off, mate


Cricketers have an extra, lower hand?

punch into the covers

Okay so this is definitely a bdsm thing


This is bad.

What the heck were they doing there?

They’ve got lielke 100 overs to get 60. Sure lads, risky single it is.