Summer Duvet Audit 2017



Post here when you go down to your summer duvet. Please include the tog.

23/03/2017 - Still on full winter duvet and fluffy blanket. 13.5 Tog.


Half blanket half duvet right now


We did it on Friday. 10.5 Paul Togbas.


Big fluffy blanket and thin quilt, took off my other 2 winter blankets. I wear full pjs, long sleeved shirt and trousers, unless it’s absolutely baking (then a tshirt and shorts are ok). I’m basically cold blooded


Just tried switching to a 4.5 tog my flatmate had lying around but it’s waaaay too thin. might try find a 10.5 or something


don’t actually have a summer duvet - can’t remember what tog I’m on, but it’s fairly medium

Thinking about investing in summer duvet and pillow cases - as both my sets are quite thick/ warm kind of toweling material.

Don’t really have anywhere to keep a 2nd duvet - suppose I could use one of those bags you suck the air out of with a vacuum.


I am also very cold blooded and still wearing full length PJs.

The other night I even had a hot water bottle!


same duvet all year round


Same! :sweat_smile:


^This. Just poke my feet out of the duvet if I’m too warm/sleep on top of the duvet for height of summer.


Switched to a 4.5 Tog on Sunday, slept like a log both nights since (woke up in an equation!)


Same tog all year round. When it’s cold I’m under the duvet, if it’s hot, I’m on top of it. Simples.


I’m about to drop a massive bombshell on you…

It’s May.


yesterday was definitely summer 1 though


Presently 9 tog. Already got the nod from the TV to drop to the 4.5 tog this weekend.

In deepest winter II they attach to form 13.5 togs of loveliness.

being in bed in the winter > being in bed in the summer


Yeah I love a snuggle down in the winter. I have requested for my next birthday (ripe old age of 29), I would like a heated mattress topper.


It’s been pretty toasty.

But you don’t wanna turn down the duvet too early and then we have a cold snap.


will continue to use the 13.5 togger through the summer. I basically like, ‘cuddle’ duvets all year round, leaving most of my body exposed, so it doesn’t make much difference.


I was mainly being a dick about this bit.

Anyway, my duvet’s thin all year round. I’m always too hot, whatever the context.


Oh woops. Where have the last 2 months gone.