Summer Duvet Audit 2018

Post here when you go down to your summer duvet. Please include the tog.

03/05/2018 - We went down to the 9 tog duvet when we had the mini heatwave HOWEVER we now have an added blanket on top because it’s too cold but not cold enough for full winter duvet again.

One duvet, summer and winter.


We only have one duvet. It’s a 7 tog and I find it too hot throughout the whole year.

You should get one like mine that is a 9 tog and a 4.5 tog you clip together.

Yeah and maybe down to a sheet if we have a brief scorcher

Same duvet all year round, don’t know what tog. Use the following system:

Winter: duvet plus blanket
Spring/autumn: duvet
Summer: blanket

Seems to work ok

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I think a better option would be one of those partner duvets.

@anon5266188 to thread.

meo knows wsup

still on the 9 togger; in fact, didn’t go full 13.5 at all this winter.

Separate :clap: duvets :clap: are :clap: the :clap: best :clap: solution :clap: for :clap: couples :clap: sharing :clap: a :clap: bed :clap:


Just go the whole hog and sleep in separate beds, tbh. Maybe even separate houses.


Like Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton
(oh they split up)

Famous couples who sleep in separate beds:
Basil & Sybil Fawlty


I was going to pretend to not know who they are, but I think that’s a stretch even for me.

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Have you asked EVERY famous couple if they sleep in the same bed?

You should probably stop, that’s a very private question.

They just have a hotel room as well really with no sort of lounge/breakout area. i guess they have that office too.

Do they change rooms? Because the one where Polly pretends to be a sick Sybil isn’t the same room as the one where that french woman is attempting to seduce Basil. Never really thought about it before.

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the queen and the phillip

That is only when the cameras are rolling

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The french lass is in her own room right?

I think the Queen is a celebrity? I mean she wouldn’t go on regular weekday Pointless