Summer Duvet Audit 2018

Yeah but she is banging on their bedroom door later and he is trying to get rid of her.

Partner duvets are different to separate duvets.

Ant and Dec.

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Good TV program eh

Might be mixing up a couple of episodes. Can also picture Sybil reading a magazine in bed and that is a different room to the sick Sybil/Polly one.

Absolutely brilliant. Probably due a bi-annual rewatch. Shame the Major says some racist shit.

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16.5 tog all year.

don’t use a duvet in the summer. just lie there.

Oh that’s quite insane.

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Been on 9 tog since… well, didn’t change to full winter at all.

Will be downgrading to 4.5 tog the next time I change the sheets.

owns more than one duvet

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4.5 tog - April 2017

Not changed over the winter

David Cameron’s shed levels of Tory.


I reckon sheets, blankets, bolster, that sort of stuff is the most tory

dunno what this is its so tory.


Ahahaha I was literally typing ‘can’t believe no one’s come barrelling in here to say check your privilege for owning more than one duvet’. Thanks for not letting me down.


i’d say it was more of a slink than a barrel.

only one duvet. normally use a blanket in winter, keep it there in summer so my room looks slightly better (hmm), don’t use it at night

think this might be tory, at least according to balonz

knowing your tog count

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It’s like knowing the thread count of your sheets, isn’t it.

absolutely not

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