Summer leave


Can you let me know when you’re going to be away over the summer? This will help ensure we’ve got sufficient cover in place. Any questions to @Sean please.


got nothing planned Warny, I can be here as needed


Not going away until late september


6th August ——> 1st December


As long as you’re back before the start of the academical year, that’s fine.


Will cancel my flights


Sorry, you’re going to have to fill in a pf34 and send to Mike in hr.


Nothing until September (we avoid going away during school holidays, if possible).


A day off on Friday week to drive to Cornwall to see Bjork at the Eden Project
Friday 3rd August off for my birthday
Friday 10th August for the horse racing

That’s it (I’ve had my holidays for the year already)


30th June till 7th July.

I assume you’re alright to let yourself in to water the houseplants? Ta.


12-16 july
3-6 aug

long weekends really but i want you to be as up to date as possible


Summer leave makes me feel fine, blowing through the work days of my mind


I’m afraid my holiday calendar doesn’t work like that. I just work until I feel I am having a breakdown and then request a Monday off on Friday.


I am due to be in Singapore for work at some point in July. It means i’ll still be posting but I’ll be on Theo’s time.

Available the rest of the time to cook up some beeves.


No-one who works in HR would allow themselves to be called Mike.

It’s Michael.


warny’s going on the rob. can’t believe you daft pricks are all helping by letting him know when your houses are empty.


I am uncoverable.


God am I going to start a night posting crew while I’m away?


Just you and Theo


Next week for me.