Summer of Soul

Not aware of this one, that’s one for my lunch break.

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Let me know what you think.

Going on Saturday and this thread has just made me VERY excited about it

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watching nina simone sing ‘backlash blues’ here, i recognised that’s where the vocal sample comes from on etienne decrecy ‘liquidation totale’. i used to love and cane that album ‘super discount’ and still sounds fresh.

don’t remember hearing backlash blues before, really great, i should properly dive into her catalogue one day.

the sample isn’t listed on whosampledwho, if anyone’s got an account. can’t see it mentioned anywhere else online…
Etienne De Crecy - Liquidation totale - YouTube


This was so good.

I wasn’t ready for how emotional it was going to make me feel. It had such a relentless pace to it and I had tears in my eyes from pretty much minute one until the end of the film. They were mostly tears of joy but some sad ones too.

An absolute rollercoaster. I’d say it’s a must watch for anyone with even a passing interest in music.

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100% agree.

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Desperately want to see this in the cinema but realistically won’t be able to for at least another couple of weeks.

Does anyone know how long it will be on cinema release?

You might get lucky and it’ll be one of those films which sticks around for several weeks, some docs (like Free Solo) have done in the past. But it being on Disney+ might reduce the demand.

Also, if you’re in or around London then it’s quite likely that the Prince Charles will be showing it in a month or so

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It might be helped by the fact that there still seem to be less films than usual coming out at the moment, but as you say I presume once it starts being shown on Disney+ it will become completely unavailable everywhere else for quite a while, sadly.

You never know, Raya and the Last Dragon has been on Disney+ for weeks and it’s still on at various Vues.

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They were talking about this in a No Wave group on Facebook. Apparently he was playing with Herbie Mann.

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Makes sense. It’s interesting to see how he fits in to a more commercial sounding band than you would normally associate him with. I’ve got Herbie Mann’s Stone Flute album that has Sonny on - it’s really good.

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Great, great album. Atypical of Mann’s work but I would argue his best.

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It’s a strange record because you associate Herbie Mann with pretty commercial jazz funk and Sonny Sharrock with wild free jazz and Stone Flute is neither of those things.

Saw this last night and my god it’s amazing! Been recommending it to people all day

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Saw this last night and there’s nothing I can add to what has already been said without fear of being trite.

The amount of people in the cinema audience who whispered ‘‘yes’’ in excited anticipation when Sly and the Family Stone started their set was wonderful.


Fuuuuck, just caught this at the cinema. Amazing stuff, felt absolutely giddy for a lot of it. Same as @Zygotic, a bit of a flutter went round the room when Sly was announced. But so many amazing moments. Fifth dimension! Mavis Staples and Mahalia Jackson! 19 year old Stevie! Sly! Nina Simone oh my days. Personally really loved seeing Ray Baretto and the section on New Yoricans too. Ohhh man

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Regrettably looks like we don’t get it until September down here :frowning:

Got tickets to see it tomorrow, it better be as good as this thread says, otherwise I’ll… I dunno, gripe about it, or something.

I had a little shudder of amazement when they mentioned that Stevie was 19. Already a major star with a whole career behind him, but all his classic albums ahead of him.

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