Summer resolutions

I am fed up of winter, it’s an awful dreary gloomy nightmare.

Everything seems thoroughly depressing at the moment, so I am daydreaming about summer, here are some things I want to do when everything is brighter and better. Some more realistic than others

  • swim in the Irish Sea
  • go to the Euros
  • cycle up some new big hills, follow the route of a Tour de France stage
  • spend an entire day (week?) sat in the garden drinking cold lager and listening to cricket
  • build or buy an outside pizza oven
  • run a half marathon
  • shoot <90 in a round of golf
  • watch a lovely sunrise
  • go camping and drink an entire box of wine
  • go to the north of Scotland where it doesn’t get dark
  • eat loads of tabbouleh

Do you like summer?


• get a 18 pack

Summer is real good IMO. If I’m looking through a written down list of the seasons “Summer” will be the one that my eye is most drawn to.


What is that? Stella?

I am nearly there

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Summer is the fucking best.

I heard some band called ‘Pins’ on 6Music the other night and they were singing about lying in the sun being the most boring thing. Fuck you ‘Pins’, lying in the sun is better than any winter activity. Idiots.


Corona depending…

Go to the euros in Romania
Go to Bourton on the Water and see Brum the car from Brum
Go back to Brno for a wee visit
Go loco down in Acalpoco
Have some nice walks, the Brecon Beacons beckons
Go to Bath when it isn’t already dark and have a look at things

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Yeahhhh got a feeling this is going to ruin my primavera plans

At this rate I’d be very surprised if any major events went ahead.

You’re bumming out the summer vibes, man.

Sun still gonna shine.

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I’m sorry, summer wohooooooo

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  • go bivvying
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Do you know what, there’s been two days of vague sunshine in Glasgow for the first time in two months and it feels LOVELY. Spring is here.

Basically my only resolution is to make the most of any dry sunny weather we get and be outdoors.

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Agree with the sentiment, but let’s not get our hopes up too high.

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you know that episode of black books where he wants a summer relationship

i’ll probably manage to be the lonely curmudgeon he is through the rest of the series

Summer’s a bit meh really innit.


I love summer so much, it makes me so happy, i just want to enjoy the sunny days as much as i can and do this as often as possible - i love going somewhere pretty like Richmond or regent’s park with a book, a mini picnic and just sunbathe for hours. Love it so much :star_struck:


Moving in a couple of weeks to be literally one minute’s walk from Telegraph Hill Park, so planning on spending most of summer sat on a blanket there chilling out max and relaxing all cool…

Hate summer. “Oooh go outside, it’s warm and sunny for a change, you’ll regret it if you don’t!” Will I fuck, it’s too warm and all my stuff is inside my house.


Would an al fresco peniod tournament not be a (very literal) breath of fresh air?