Summer Solstice eve

Hey hey!

What’s everyone doing with the maximum sunlight we’re getting tonight? I hope you’re filling it with delicious food and exciting activities

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Closed the blinds so I can see the tv better as god wants


Jacket potato, beans and cheese for dinner here. Gonna go down to the beach a bit later on too

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Park :white_check_mark:
Read :white_check_mark:
Beer :no_entry:

Think holidays have broken my ability to make any more plans, just wanna lounge around

Veg pastry tarts and a new cocktail for dinner

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Chicken and salad for dinner. I still feel rubbish so am going to sit on the sofa doing not much.

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We did it Joe! 7 years single. Ask me anything!!

:beers: pierogi for tea :yum:

Nothing else

Hope you all have fun x

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Absolutely shattered m9s. Full on day and I’ve still got to do bath and bedtimes yet. Car failed the MOT on a perished dust cover on a track rod ball joint (yeah me neither). But on £93 for MOT and labour to replace the part so could be worse. Piz for dinner after my wife gets back from an evening and my daughter’s new school.

having something for dinner inspired by something a disser said today, but with oven chips.


I’d love to be outside rn but I am packing for a week in Margaluf Margate so there’s time to be outside.

Might watch that Glastonbury doc and make myself even more jealous than I already am of anyone getting to go.

Fishcakes, brocolli and sweet pot fries tonight.

Are you going to that Leisure festival?

No, but I saw you post about it on ig so I looked it up - don’t know any of the bands and we have dinner booked in the evening so it’s unlikely but we haven’t ruled it out!

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Ahh, I’m just desperate to see CMAT again so wanted to live vicariously through others! Tickets are more than £50, which is probably a bit steep anyway but especially if you don’t know any of the bands!

Do you have anything fun planned for the week? This place is top of my list for places to eat next time I visit family:

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We’re going to Angela’s tomorrow (have been every time we visit Margate over the last couple of years) and Sargasso on Friday (have never been but have wanted to for ages!) :grin:

Not many plans otherwise, unfortunately it looks like we’ll be between exhibitions at the Turner. My GF is fairly heavily pregnant now so we’re just having a chilled one. Though she mentioned something about a Crab Museum which I’ve never heard of before, and we’ll probably pop to Whitstable for a day.

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I love Angela’s too! It sounds like you have some excellent eating planned. Have you been to the Warpole Bay hotel before? It is in Cliftonville but is walkable from Margate. It is a ‘living museum’ which basically means it is a hotel run by an eccentric woman and you can walk around the whole building looking in rooms and cupboards. There’s an old victorian lift that still works. You can then have a drink or a cream tea on the veranda. It’s a pretty fun way to spend a chilled couple of hours. I haven’t heard of the crab museum, I hope it’s fun and I hope you have an awesome week!

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getting kicked out of our flat

we knew when we moved in that it would happen relatively quickly but still sad that the day has come

now that I can wfh almost every day I could technically move almost anywhere in the UK (new colleague is based many hours away cos we only have to be in the office once a month)


We’re staying in Cliftonville and that sounds perfect so we’ll definitely check that out. And thanks!

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Do you have a recipe for this? :innocent:

I’m making instant noodles with normal broccoli served with oven chips. Ta.