Summer Solstice Monday thread

Morning all. Happy summer solstice! Is today the first day of summer? Or is it the 1st of June? I’ll leave you to decide.

Things are okay here. Went out for a bike ride first thing and feel better for having done so. I’ve got no meetings today, so I’m just working on a plan that will mean I won’t feel awful at the end of the day for having done no work. Obviously, starting the morning thread is part of that plan.

How are you all? Hope you all have good days :slight_smile:


Cough :face_with_monocle:

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Get well soon, Theo!

(And happy winter solstice for those in the southern hemisphere, I presume!)


Dropped the car off for a service and MOT. Got the fear real bad ££££

Officially single for 6 years :+1:

Got the work fear

Long weekend from Thursday though!

Feel a bit sick, dreading work and not entirely sure why. Let me just stay in bed.

Feel rough as anything. Still lying in bed, trying to summon up the energy to get up.

Good luck Wiley!! :heart:


Just got my COVID vaccine (first dose). Great feeling, although I got a sudden and very urgent need to shit at the back of quite a long queue, which didn’t make for a particularly fun time. You’ll be glad to know I made it though.

Heavy day of work today and oh boy it’s hot, so I’m predicting feeing pretty rough this evening.


Had a nice long bath and an early night which resulted in… anxiety dreams about work and other things. Great!

Good luck!

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Happy Midsummer’s Day everyone



annoyed this isn’t on streaming the now. could have film-clubbed it.


Do we have a thread for selling things? I think we did once?

I have a Lumie Vitamin L SAD lamp that I’m gonna bang on ebay but if anyone wants it do let me know, cost £90 but will give it ya £30

Happy Monday everyone x

Good morning, just remembered winter solstice, forgot it was getting dark early and ended up cycling through a pitch black park trying not to kill any deer, but it was warm enough that I didn’t need a coat, and I almost always need a coat, have one on now

Just checked, it was 14 degrees on that day and 12 degrees now :expressionless:


Got the fear today for some reason. Might be the longest day but I just want it over with quickly :grimacing:


Actually quite outraged by this


I think the dog is feeling the same as me.

Gave him his breakfast, went out in the garden to do a poo, came in and has gone back up to bed.

I was planning on going for a reasonably lengthy bike ride today, but not sure I can be arsed stepping beyond the front door at the moment.


Tonsillitis is really kicking me around today, slept for about 10 hours, after afternoon naps and I still want more sleep. Stupidly haven’t called in sick as WFH so thought I could manage it, probably going to work from the sofa and do the bare minimum after the 9.30am team call.

Coffee is on though and I have chocolate chip pikelets to make for breakfast in a bit, so it’s not all bad.

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