Summer sports

What’s the best one?

  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Rugby League
  • Golf maaan
  • Flat racing
  • Rounders in the park
  • Beer Garden

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going to watch the golf at wentworth on saturday, which is basically combining the 2 best ones (golf and beer garden)

Gaelic football

Has to be tennis. Nothing better than having a hungover snooze on the sofa on a sunny Sunday afternoon falling asleep to the sound of tennis in the tv.

Cricket = park beers.


golf must have the largest “fun to play” “fun to watch” disparity. quite like a round of golf, but i’d rather watch cricket than watch it.

glad you didn’t list cycling as a sport, because its not a sport, its a transport.

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All the spectators are wearing thick coats and woolly hats. Not summer, obviously.

Riding right down the middle of the road: standard

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Is that…snow?!

Tennis itself is very entertaining. Love the history of tennis, think most of the players are good sorts who interview well. The very biggest games between the very best players are absolutely fascinating battles of endurance and technique.

Still, though, i can’t get past the fact that every person i’ve ever met in real life who’s been a tennis fan has been a properly insufferable bellend. I mean, most football fans are bellends as well, but it’s a different type of bellendery. Whenever i see a tennis fan at Wimbledon or meet one in real life i can’t get past that nagging feeling at the back of my head that when Jezza’s in charge and we start drawing up lists of who’s getting marched into the sea, them lot are right at the front.

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is this a good thread to mention again that I don’t like sports ?

Here was the view this year:

It’s 1750m high so not surprising people are wearing coats.

This, otoh:


Sadly not reflected in the wider fanbase of the sport or the Tory scum that get hold of Wimbledon tickets every year but women’s tennis has easily the best online fan culture of any sport I’ve followed

You’ve used a race from mid may, and one from mid April to try and argue that cycling is a summer sport :person_facepalming:

Test match on the radio is the best soothing background sport, sitting down and properly watching a good game is absolutely gripping in brilliant. Basically the answer is cricket by miles, and anything involving inverdale should be removed from the list

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Cricket, in all forms, but mainly a nice lazy county game in Hove

Yes, shove it