Summer Wrestling Thread - Stomping Grounds was fine. You don't need to watch it

you’d hope, but mind Taker’s last match in Saudi? (I don’t because I refused to watch it, but the Botchamania on it! my word!)

Confirmed that AEW is going to be on TNT in the autumn.

Also, on a personal level. There’s a roller derby/ pro wrestling event in town next week. Might watch it and pretend that I’m Dave Meltzer

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WWE off to BT sport apparently, ffs. No more raw and smackdown for me then, not like i’d be missing much tbf

Not a surprise because of how much wwe pissed off sky when they launched the network

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True, they must make virtually nothing off PPVs now

Surprised they still bother with any that aren’t the big 4. If I were Sky, I’d be tempted to put them on Freeview or something until their contract runs out.

They announced the network a couple weeks after signing their deal with sky basically tanking the value of their product for sky the cheeky fuckers

Christ they properly had them there then. Sky have had the rights to it for years as well I swear, wouldn’t feel right BT having it - hopefully they get back the champions league now to make up for it :joy:

Ah well, good thing AEW is starting up on Freeview soon then

Sky have had it since it launched more or less

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Ashley Massaro has died

Oof. I know we say this all too often, but 39 is no age.

blimey, that’s a shocker. Torrie Wilson’s tweet suggests it was suicide?

finished Dark Side of the Ring last night, thought it was altogether excellent, the Gino Hernandez one was fucking wild while the Moolah one was interesting for the split opinion

How was the opinion split on Moolah? She’s one of the most awful people in wrestling of all time so I’d expect her to get universal hatred.

well, i’d recommend everyone watching it but they interview a couple people who still want to defend her (kinda deludedly it seems) but even her detractors can’t seem to help but acknowledge her importance

Much like Hogan. Awful, awful individual (Moola being worse, obvs), but undeniably one of the biggest and most important figures in the business - you can’t just airbrush either out of history entirely the way you theoretically could with say Snuka or Benoit if you wanted to.

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you even struggle with Snuka and Benoit though, like sure they’re not on Hogan or Moolah levels but they’ve both still very important (for very different reasons)

watched a Heat yesterday


Has anyone been watching the best of the super juniors?
The sho vs Shingo match is definitely worth checking out.