Summer Wrestling Thread - Stomping Grounds was fine. You don't need to watch it

Omega at e3

Omega at E3

All Out sold out in 15mins

G1 Entrants are out

A Block

Kazuchika Okada
Zack Sabre Jr.
Hiroshi Tanahashi
Kota Ibushi
Bad Luck Fale
Lance Archer
Will Ospreay

B Block

Tetsuya Naito
Tomohiro Ishii
Juice Robinson
Toru Yano
Hirooki Goto
Jay White
Jeff Cobb
Shingo Takagi
Jon Moxley

That A block holy shit :flushed:


no yano-suzuki this year :cry:

That’s a stacked G1. Can’t wait to see Moxley in it

Update on my Sunday Night Heats

DOA are still appalling

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Reckon it might show him up. He’s not a great wrestler and relies mostly on (incredible) character work to mask a solid but pretty standard brawling style ala Austin


Ishiii v moxley :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Yeah definitely going to be a test of his ability to deliver anything more than that. Somewhat excited to see Shingo vs Ishii, definitely more than Moxley.


Just realised we’re getting SANADA/Ospreay :heart_eyes:

Shingo vs Ishii is gonna be awesome


Ordered his wcw book on Amazon with a voucher I had with the intention of taking it to budapest for holiday reading. Maybe not…


Aye fair point - I hope he’s able to step up his game outside of the WWE ring. His match with Juice was pretty great but definitely had more of a brawl style and I dunno if that would get tiring against more naturally gifted guys like Naito? Either way looking forward to see if he can live up to the hype :grin:

They’ve released the match schedule for G1. The A block is so stacked every night has a dream match.

I keep on looking at the lineup and going “oh my god that match is going to be amazing” but then I get distracted cause I see another match and go “BUT NOT AS MUCH AS THAT MATCH” and then it just keeps going and going

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Just read a thing on Forbes about how the demand for All Out exceded the demand for WM35, with something like 137,800 requests for tickets in the 15 minutes it took to sell out. Reckon that a stadium show can’t be too far off, with that sort of money being left on the table. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

Didn’t loads go on Stubhub and sites like that? I doubt the true demand is anywhere near that high.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they take it slow. The excessive demand really helps with their buzz.

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Reckon Ospreay is more likely to go over Okada/ draw with him to set up a title match in England than ZSJ? That’s the way I’d be leaning from the cards.