Sun Burn Roll Call

Rocking a nasty patch on my bald skull and neck



Nose already starting to peel. I’m SO pale, and have a fair bit of that weird pigment-loss thing that begins with a V. I need like SPF 50. Being a fucking idiot, of course I didn’t bother in the garden all week until yesterday when I found some SPF 30. Stupidly, I cake myself in it when I go for a :biking_man: , but sat in my own garden it never crosses my mind.

I don’t have any suncream, no one in my house does, and none of us can justify it as an essential journey so we’re just hoping for the best. I typically don’t burn easily but to go from zero to 1000 in the space of a day has clearly meant I’m way my susceptible than usual.

Lol as if



Will have to put on some sun cream for the garden later. I am still using last years supply. Some people say that you should throw out that. Any experts here to clarify if you can safely use last years supply?

Pretty sure I was using the same for about a decade until I got a shedload through work on a freebie. Haven’t died yet!

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