Sun(day)'s out

Morning all. How’s your Sunday looking?

I’ve been up for an hour already thanks to a sleepless toddler. He’s munching down a bowl of porridge while I’m mainlining coffee. He got a scooter for his birthday which he hasn’t tried yet so hopefully that will entertain him this morning.

Morning. Also on father duties. My 7 month old chilling whilst I cleaned kitchen and now drink black coffee and listen to Mary anne. We’re going swimming as a family in a couple hours. Bliss x

Baby been awake and full of beans since 5am. He’s been very happy, but dude 5am?!

Had 4hrs sleep last night. Decent. Really want to go to sleep again. Gonna go for a coffee and a mooch this morning.

Morning guys.

I wonder what time it’ll be before someone who isn’t a parent posts on this thread!

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:wave: morning! Too hot to get back to sleep. Might go for a walk.


Wanted to have a lie in as I’m shattered from back to back tournaments, but woke up at half six. Thanks, body.

Going to watch the top cut of the Netrunner thing in a couple of hours. Will need many coffee before then.

How did you do? Win any mousemats?

Morning all. Dissing from the gym (big sweaty mess on the bike atm). Hoping the gf is up so we can go breakfast.

Want some avocado bullshit and a doubleespresso macchiato

Booking our India flights ( holiday/wedding shopping) later so ole bank account/savings are gonna look in sorry state tomorrow r :(((((

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I sense a bad back day. Really hope work do that desk assessment.

Drinking some quality coffee and watching 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.

So far so good

Had coffee, should go run.

Hello all.

Slept terribly, my circulation was really bad. Need to improve this somehow.

Gonna probably go back to sleep until it’s cricket time. Then watch Rugby League.

Then go drinking, either in

  • Haworth (convenient for the person I orginally arranged to meet and could pop in and see my sister)
  • Saltaire (convenient for another 2 people who said they’d probably come and better craft beer)

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Nah, went 6-6 then dropped from the last two rounds because the organisation was wank and it was going to finish past midnight. Think I’d likely have ended up with better than a 50% record but couldn’t be arsed by that point.

Had fun and caught up with some top all time penoid dogs, which is the main thing.


morning everyone

going to my Grandma’s 96th birthday today, wearing my excellent map dress so that’s good too…

bit annoyed that I have to go back to work tomorrow, should be alright as it’s a TD day, problem is the TD is all GDPR…ugh.

Morning all…

Feeling fairly shit after poor decisions on my part led to me drinking on a “not eaten since breakfast” stomach.

Date was totally meh. And I’ve given up.on someone I’ve been on a couple of dates with due to her bring irritatingly flakey.

Hoping to redeem my weekend a bit today, avocado bullshit breakfast in a bit. Having coffee now. Bike ride at some point

Oh and I need to go tile shopping. Joy

We’ve gone to the cafe at the park. It seems to be a MAMIL meeting point at this time on a Sunday morning.

Morning all :wave: off to another car boot, stood at the bus stop listening to criminal. 9 mins till the bus, should I risk trying to grab a coffee? …

Risked it, it was a good decision


Morning all!

Spending the morning with my mother before she gets on a train back to Newcastle.

Wor Lass is going to Drag Race tonight so I’ll be trying to put The Child to bed early and mark exam papers.

It rained overnight and Glasgow isn’t muggy this morning.

I’ll be eating leftover jollof all day.