Sun(day)'s out

Grey morning here in Barcelona. Going for semi-posh lunch in a few hours so need to make myself vaguely presentable. Could be difficult considering I’ve spent the last three days drinking lots and eating little.


I would like to see this excellent map dress! It sounds excellent


Morning all. Been up since early and had a little blast on Mario Tennis. Now got to spend most of the day doing work because I have far too much on for the number of hours in the actual working week. :persevere:

Morning. Turns out I didn’t get eaten by a giant spider in my sleep after all so that’s good. Going to do some packing today.


Morning, I’m going to a cheese festival in a couple of hours. Pretty exciting.


avocado bullshit (+doubleespresso machiatto off screen) sorted :pray::pray::pray:


Menu planning and watching springwatch.

Backshall just claimed some bats were radiating hate.

Ottolenghi heavy week. Still need 2 more. Suggestions?

Scrambled smokey duck eggs
Seitan steak carnitas
Pizza rissotto galette
Tomato, chickpea, fennel and sourdough soup
Duck egg ragout

No mum, I don’t want to explain why I’m not outraged that tommy Robinson is going to prison again :roll_eyes:



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Good film. Very good film.

This is an odd choice for 8am!

@witches did you end up watching this the other night?

Sunday morning is DVD morning.
I watched Deadpool last week. Wasn’t quite so taken with that one

A n g e r y

Checked my train times last night and was about 10 mins early so went to the corner shop on my way to the station. Get to the station to find that the train is there and actually it is 8 mins earlier than National Rail said it was last night. Didn’t have a ticket yet (and wouldn’t be able to claim my railcard discount if I bought it on the train) so hace to wait half an hour for another train. Really pissed off - I’m meeting my best friend who is in a wheelchair and can only meet me if his parents are able to give him a lift at that time, so timing is really important :expressionless:

That’s why I end up getting everywhere literally about two hours too early

I was there 8 minutes early, that would usually suffice :disappointed_relieved:

Sneezing everywhere as well.

Reckon I’ve contracted @xylo’s hangover from yesterday :unamused: You may all want to get yourselves checked.

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8 minutes early would result in massive palpitations and over stressing for me

I did! I didn’t realise it was the same person that did seven psychopaths. It was decent! :smiley: