Sun 🌞 day

Alright? Woke up too early for some reason. Got some shopping arriving in a bit and a lot of cleaning to do. Gonna make a giant roast later though so not all bad. What’s going on then?

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Morning, fell asleep at half 9 last night, woke up very dehyrated so caining the water. Done my puzzles.

Going through to edinburgh for some sludge

Could also do with doing a bit of cleaning but cba.

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Morning :sun_with_face:

Up early with the doggo. Had a hot cross bun and 2 cups of tea so far.

Reckon there’s life in a new/wanted flavours of hot cross bun thread?

Walking up to my mum’s in a bit for breakfast II with the family who stayed from Christmas in March last night.

Bit wine hangovery still tbh.

Then it’s work, football and a nap. Oh fresh sheets and all.


Any idea for a thread is a good idea imo.

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Been up most of the night with MotoGP so incredibly tired, but no chance of the dogs letting me go back to bed any time soon.

Looks like the race is actually about to happen. Was looking very unlikely a short while ago…

Need to sort out some budget stuff, and do housework. Have been reading a badly scanned librarian book about how to catalogue names from different countries after running into a few issues with my book cataloguing. Turns out it’s VERY complicated.


Gonna eat some shreddies

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Reading Wuthering Heights in bed, the sun is shining through the blinds, I’ve got a cardomom bun and clean sheets. Just need some snogging now for a perfect Sunday morning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Off for a big walk soon.

Got to do loads of work tonight and then get up at like 5.30am so let’s not think about later.



Got up ridiculously early to check on the cat. I’ve been snoozing on the sofa since 5am. He’s currently angry because he’s not allowed outside.

Massive dog walk later, with a pub garden stop. Firing up the pizza oven afterwards.


Morning all!

Went to bed at 9.30 last night so have woken up reasonably well rested.

Made myself scrambled eggs and toast but they weren’t very good. I’m blaming the new hob.

Wor Lass is taking The Child to the park in a bit and I’m going to do some work for tomorrow before we all go to Edinburgh to visit some people’s new houses and do a surprise party for her stepdad’s birthday. I could do with a quiet day of computer games and roast dinners if I’m honest but at least I’ve got a relaxing week of work to look forward to.

Off for a long walk too.

Lovely day fo’ it

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thought it was 10:30 but it was actually 8:30. I feel cheated!

Hugs to your cat @weeber

Just back from another run, done 3 legs of a 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours that some people are doing for charity. I’m wiped out having done 12 miles, they’ve done 40. Madness.

Toasted teacakes for breakfast, and then need to make a plan for a disappointing bit of lamb shoulder for tea (smaller and more bone in than I’d hoped).


Plans today - ikea, golf, some life admin, maybe a walk later if i have time. Need to get my bike fixed too to enjoy it, i love cycling in this kind of weather

Did a night-time BBQ yday which was the first of the season, so i’m pretty happy. Today though gonna give it a proper clean and get it back to super shiny, then start prepping to do some real smoking.

Tip run at some point to clear garden of crap.

Bamboo I planted held up in the wind which is a relief, so now v hyped for the rest to arrive for the back wall to look much nicer.

Today the mrs heads to a pal, so i’ve got the day to myself. I had been planning on songwriting but the idea of staying inside seems utterly lunatic so i’m gonna get out and about.

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  • take chess puzzles to beer garden
  • walk the green chain from eltham to crystal palace
  • sit in back garden admiring bamboo
  • go for a run/do outdoor exercise

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Sunny again but seems a bit cooler today.

About to take the resident furry animal for a walk. Need to pop out and get something for dinner.

Might mow the lawn, although I have been saying this for the last couple of days.

Palace are playing at home at 12:30, could disrupt the walk?!

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Started the day right at least


i’d been a bit irked by our back fence because it’s got a plain wood pergola, the hot tub, and a shed running along it. so it’s dull, and woody and pale. i put some white stones down to the right of the tub to just mark out a brighter border but it’s not enough.

So the area to the left, i’m putting in a bamboo garden of different varieties - golden, black, yellow etc - which is going to take a ton of work to keep looking nice (some grow to 6m) but will ultimately be pretty satisfying i reckon.

and then there’s a shady bit under the pergola that i’m planting arrow bamboo because it doesn’t need direct sun.

but hopefully means a nice backline now

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