Sun 🌞 day

Sofa time with my girls


Fluffy heads :heart_eyes:

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Go away for a few days and this has been plonked outside our house in the meantime

It’s about 6 foot tall.

Cool cool cool.

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Bloody tile stickers haven’t arrived and I’m furious. I’ve not spring cleaned the kitchen just to not add more silliness to it!!! SMH

Also updated my cutlery (old set left, new set right).
Bit of a frivolous thing to do but I much prefer the new ones and they’re nice and light. What do I do with the old set? It’s a full set, so… charity shop? Keep in the back of a cupboard in case of cutlery related disaster?

Please ignore my rank kitchen surfaces, at some point I will get around to putting some vinyl cover or whatever on them but for now I simply… cannot be jiggered


Keep them as in my experience cutlery like the lovely new ones can break - the plastic part snaps!


That’s a very good point- thank you! Will do!

I’d like to be here, all day, every day


I need two people to hold me by my hands and ankles and then after 3 swing me straight into the belly of an active volcano

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Was having a meal with fappables mum ages ago and she was letting fappables sister have some of her dessert and said “careful, it’s sickly”. Haha “careful”.

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Just feeling that I haven’t done it sooner regret, having done yoga for first time in months (went into a bit of a slump after a change in circumstances) and enjoying F1 being back (not that into it but makes me nostalgic for hanging out with my grandad). Awaiting the Spurs game with a couple of cans of peach Jubel.

Someone was saying the other week that they don’t know anything about me as I don’t post here that often and felt concerned about my motives running the site. I can’t remember who said it and think I’d find that epic thread a bit triggering to reopen on a calm Sunday, but here’s an interview I did for the students at ICMP in case anyone fancies a listen. Touched on a bit of where my head is at but it’s mostly a history of DiS

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just ordered 2 pizzas even though i’m only 1 guy


Having a really good day. Nice hike with the lady, went golfing (winter’s over). GF writing now, listening to records with college basketball on mute in the background coming up. Going to crack a few cold ones after lunch. :+1:


Just found out that my mug is going to be printed on some beer mats in May :rofl:


I’m wasting the day. Going to have a shower then head in the direction of the beach

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It’s colder than it looks out there. Definitely chillier than yesterday


Not enough eating going on today!! :frowning:

I’ve got my woolly hat Rob. Thanks for caring :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was stuck in a playpark for almost an hour wearing a hoody which wasn’t nearly thick enough, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to suffer like I did!

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Cracking day after a real misery yesterday. Took the kiddo out for a walk, ate not one but two buns, walked back and had a cassava cottage pie. Cleaned the deck in the garden, played a bit of guitar, now putting off a couple of admin bits.

Yesterday genuinely felt miserable - the boy was being so difficult it honestly felt like we’d never be able to do anything normal again. And today - normal stuff :sunglasses: