Sun rise lamp

Anyone got one? Recommendations?

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I used to have a Lumie, It broke after many years usage. I will be buying another soon.

I recommend getting one with a replacable bulb, but other than that, I like them.

I wanted to get one but I have to get up an hour before the TV so I worry it would wake her/bother her more than a few quick beeps of an alarm.


i don’t want to wake up sad


Are you sharing a bed with songs about ducking?


I got this one last winter and it’s been an actual game changer.

I set the light to wake me up over 30 mins but I normally wake up about 10-15 mins into it. Then I usually turn it off so it stays on a low light until i’m ready to wake up properly.

I don’t feel like i’m shocked awake these days.

Got one. Can’t remember what type. It’s a game changer. Has a nice function where it also dims the light over 30 mins at bedtime should you choose.

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Oooft, two shouts of gamechanger for sunrise lamp. Gonna have to look into it.

I love the sunset thing and it makes me nicely sleepy.
Although sometimes I go to sunset and then it’s almost dark and i’m still reading.

Luckily this year I can only seem to read a page or two before nodding off so shouldn’t be a problem

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Yeah, my girlfriend has one, and I wake up as soon as the lamp comes on on its lowest setting, half an hour before the alarm goes off.

This was a real problem when I got up an hour later than her (basically I would be wide awake and not fall asleep again), but it’s not too bad now that we get up at the same time.

my bf puts on an eye mask if I have to get up earlier than him

This thread has reminded me to order a new one and I have done just that.

Went for the Philips HF3505 / 01

I wouldn’t sleep at all if I had to wear an eye mask - I find them really uncomfortable.

He doesn’t have to. His other option is to be woken up by the light.

That’s a great link. What an amazing word ‘Winklewagon’ is.