Sun Sun Sunday Thread

Wotcha got going on today? Hungover, sprightly? Plans?

Had my best mate and his fiancée up for a lovely big walk and a few beers yesterday. Got called fat by a 4yr old as we were climbing a very steep hill. Love the matter of factness of young children. No sugar coating.

Anyway, have a great day


Can’t lie to you rich-t, I haven’t been to sleep yet. Played a two hour ambient set at three in the morning at the festival we were playing. Pretty wiped feeling right now though. Going to have a beer and then pass out.


Sounds pretty, pretty decent @Kallgeese. Enjoy your morning beer matey.

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Today I would like to play dragon age 2 while listening to prog

WFH all day :confused: might go out for mexican tapas this evening though?

weekly shop in a bit then probably minecraft all day

Shoutout to DiS from Cork City.


it’s 9am, man!

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I haven’t slept since 9am yesterday!

Gonna go out on my bike then have a beer.
Then watch TV.

what’s she doing? hahaha


Yesterday was great and I felt really positive about lots of stuff for the first time in ages. Rained all day while at work (got soaked through cycling there and back) but met my dad afterwards and went for Lebanese food before going to see Richard Dawson’s album release show, which was excellent.
Then my best pal has come up for the weekend and he met me and we went out to a night of uplifting grooves before heading home, ordering the biggest pizza and watching Simpsons.
Sun is shining today - just bathed and shaved and feel ready for anything!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:


Morning all!

Would like to watch England U20s win the World Cup but it’s on at 11 and I need to drive to the shop for bumroll before that. I’ll probably drink some beers (not til later @Kallgeese…)

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Morning all.

Got some boring work stuff to read in preparation for some training tomorrow. Really can’t be bothered.

Other than that, no plans, music/podcasts/reading. Might go for a walk if the rain holds off.

At the airport waiting for my delayed flight home. Went for a bike ride around the lake yesterday with the TV then had Lebanese for dinner. Looking forward to being home, I’ll probably spend the rest of the day doing laundry and playing Zelda.


Coming to the end of my family holiday down in Cornwall. It’s rained all week and I’ve caught a cold but I’ve had a fun time wrestling and jumping around with my nephews. Back to work tomorrow :-1:


Only had 4 beers last night and my friends were getting increasingly tedious/more drunk so I left.

Slept terribly, AGAIN. Fuck’s sake.

Off to Portugal

Supposed to be going to Brighton with a pal to watch bands but he’s taking his time with plans.