Sun the day of

A sertraline and back to bed for me. You?

I’ve barely slept

Work :confused:

Going up the Aldi

It’s OK to stay in bed half the day right? I did do a 115km bike ride yesterday too…


Need to go to Lidl today but cba, it’s brand new so will probably still be really busy with everyone having a gander at it

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it’s ok to stay in bed all of the day!


Big pile of washing up to do. After that nothing

Maube go for a run as not dine any real excercise this week.

Morning all!

I did too much parenting yesterday and have exhausted all of my weekend patience. Wor Lass has taken The Child to a trampoline park to give me a break from being talked at.

My foot has started bruising and I’m now convinced I have done something to the ligaments. Don’t really want to go to hospital but I’m actually starting to worry I need an x-ray.

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Still in bed. Going to meet a pal to watch the football in a pub later. Might have a nap before then.


Hiya! Was supposed to have my covid jab but my mum has just tested positive :upside_down_face: bit worried now

Slept horribly and now I’m very tired. Need to go and do the big shop then very little else. Making a roast later I think so that’ll be nice.

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GWS Ma Dingers


Took the dog for a walk and realised I still had a Sharpie in my pocket, so I drew a smiley face on a leaf

Hard to imagine much else happening today


:yawning_face: lots of sitting about snoozing and drinking tea today. That is all.


Did this, finally feel myself again, never drinking anything with buck in the name again.

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Gonna get some oat milk. Maybe a baked good. Maybe a hot chocolate

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Coffee shop was closed

Grabbed a nap, woke up to fancy sausages rolls and coffee, gonna laze around and game until bowling later.

I expect to be fully awful but will blame it on sleep rather than any innate lack of skill :bowling:

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Played 3 hours of tennis yesterday morning and it’s derailed my entire weekend. Still feel sore and knackered, just lying on the sofa

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