whats the worst sunburn you’ve experienced?

mine was when i was in Ibiza (lol). forgot to pack sun cream. ended up with my skin peeling properly off me (i think there’s a picture somewhere I’ve posted before), my skin blistering over and seeping in the night, my back being so dry I couldn’t put a shirt on



i’m always like lol i never burn won’t bother wiht suncream and then i burn a bit on my arms and it’s annoying
never had it that bad though


Don’t know about the worst, but this is the best.


never been to a hot country before though, off to romania in july so ask me then


In France when I was about 8. My folks somehow managed to let me fall asleep in the sun, Jesus sufferin fuck I was in tears and had to be literally cut out of my swimwear.
And it was so bad that for the next 3 nights I slept on top of towels that had been run under a cold tap.
Good parenting you fuckjng muppets.


Was in central France once when I was about 15 and it was 37°C in the shade and I turned purple. It was awful.

Now I’m ridiculously cautious if I’m going to be exposed to the sun.


In Crete when I was about 16. Fell asleep in the raging midday sun and spent the night whimpering like a baby while my stomach and chest felt like they were on fire. Spent the following day sat in the shade downing endless lagers helpfully provided by my Dad who is a firm believer in the anaesthetic qualities of alcohol. Top Dadding.


Camber Sands when I was 10 or 11.

It was so bad theres a photo of me and a bluecoat, the mascot with his hand on my shoulder and me grimacing.


I burn quite badly cause I have photosensitive skin and can only really be in the sun for 10 minutes or so before burning/getting rashes

so yeah quite badly

find it really really really really annoying when people point it out to me as if I dont understand that I have pale skin and cant figure out the cause of it


Once in Portugal as a teenager I basically did a cricketers two swipes of suncream on my cheeks as though that would be any sort of protection. Got burnt pretty badly aside from those two smears, looked like a weird panda.

The other time was on a Caribbean cruise, went on deck the first day feeling slightly seasick and sat in the breeze for about 15 minutes - felt much better. Only later realised that I’d burned to a crisp - it hadn’t even been sunny outside, it was overcast! Mrs HYG had it much worse, actually looked like someone had pressed an iron on her, it went all scabby, one of the waitresses gave her a pot of yoghurt to put on it as it apparently helped.


worst thing for me is that i dont even get the tan, i just burn then go back to be pasty


tanning is still bad for you though so meh


yeah people pointing out to me that suncream exists and offering me some.

:japanese_ogre: fuck off and die please


This is the best song about sunburn.


Got so badly sunburnt on the tops of my ears as a kid. Entire top of each ear turned into one single scab and both of them came off towards the end of Scout camp. Blood everywhere.


In Sri Lanka, we went for a 2 hour surfing lesson at about 2pm.

I wore a big t-shirt thinking that will protect me. But I forgot to put suncream on my arse. It completely slipped my mind that i’ll be arse up for the best part of 2 hours.


only ever been painfully sunburned once, was on my back and I pretty much refused to come out of a cold shower all day

in my earliest days of trying to make music I constructed this strange song and my housemate improv danced for the video


image oww


didn’t realise legs needed sun cream too


These days I find that somehow the sun’s rays are able to penetrate my luxurious mane - so I find myself having to apply to the top of my head.