Sunburnt selfie thread


Start the Friday selfie thread Rob. You’re on holiday and it’ll look loads nicer than the UK. Didn’t bargain on a bloody heatwave at home though did I?


still looks nicer m69


Me in Hamsterland a couple of days ago (deal with it)


Where are you Rob? The water looks beautiful!

Just been to the photo booth to get a picture for my work ID. Feelin’ sultry:


Fig Tree Bay, just round the corner from Ayia Napa. It looks nice, but the med is freezing as are the pools because they’re all outdoors.


photo booths are shit these days. you used to get 4 distinct pictures so you could fuck around in at least one. now you just get one shot.


Hopefully Brexit will sort all this out. PROPER photobooths when we get our pictures for our BLUE passports please Theresa.



gonna sit in a park at lunchtime. will try and selfie for you



Borrowing me mum’s dress because I only packed warm clothes thinking it would be windy and cold!


I love your freckles! Freckle envy.





On a coach to Liege. PENGE.


oh. OH.



Might well be.



you don’t look like a belm, obviously


Happy 4/20 guys - blaze it


Absolutely fucked this van selfie but with a bit of mad skillz have turned it into something bearable


Bathed in Plymothian sunshine.