It’s 6.18am and I am up, about to go out on my :bike:
for ~13 hours, jfc.

Please have lovely days.


It’s 7.22pm and I’ve just finished eating a spinach/lentil dish cooked from the vegan recipe book my brother gave me for my birthday. The sun is shining and I went for a nice hill-run earlier in the day, dodging the mountain-bikers successfully.

Last night was my sister’s 40th and my brother came up for a flying visit for the party. This was generally good (apart from the awkwardness of him and my dad speaking for the first time in three years, but hey). Also [humblebrag] spent the past week walking the Abel Tasman Track, which was pretty sweet.

Hope your day is as good as mine was.


cough cough cough :sleeping: cough :tired_face: :sleeping_bed: cough cough cough cough

That is all.


It’s 2:16am here and I think for the first time in my life I’m suffering from jet lag. Wtf!!

EDIT: not first time in my life, but first time in like 10 years or so. This is my 4th trip to the USA this year and I’ve been fine every other time. What is going onnnnnn


Up at 7.30am on a Sunday to bet a train out of Kings Cross into Hertfordshire somewhere to go to a wedding. There had better be free booze.


nope nope nope nope nope


What kind of sick people would have a wedding without free booze?

Enjoy the wedding, say hi to Clive from us.


We don’t need to leave the house for another half an hour but Clive is already full suited up, pocket square and all. Looking like an extra from a film adaptation of an Alan Hollinghurst novel.


Classic Clive


A quiet few drinks and some pizza in Brixton lead to hot sake, boshing a bit of sniff and washing it all down with Glenlivet :grimacing: I’ve got to carry on with my teaching qualification coursework today and all I want to do is sleep.

If any of you are going to Mass this morning please ask the priest to keep me in their prayers.


day 3 of the sesh. off to Manchester for sex, drugs, rock’n’roll and Countdown.

so tired.



Went out to some of my TV’s family friends last night. Got in 12 and stayed up with the ‘father in-law’ drinking whisky.

Today, might wash the car and then drive back to the south coast.


Baby Campbell arrived yesterday so I’ll be spending today learning how to ‘dad’.

Also, why?


Had (lots of) drinks and a dance party* at the flat last night for one of the flatmates birthdays. Just having some porridge and a cup of coffee. Gonna head out on my :biking_man: soon, but not for 13 hours because I’m not fucking mental.

*once I got hold of the spotify and started sticking some stone cold bangahz on.


Morning, tired and sneezing loads. Brilliant.



Pro tip: none of us know what we’re doing


tired and depressed


Congratulations to you and Mrs McShine! :confetti_ball: :baby:


It is 09:31am. Went out with my best mate last night to see The Great Balloon Race, followed by Daniel O’Sullivan. Great gig, O’Sullivan was well weird.

Went home and hammered into the joints and wine. Woke up with a half eaten block of cheddar by my bed. Not well.


:cat: xx