What ya up to today?

Should get out for either a run or a walk in a bit. Gonna try out this new vegan pub which has opened near us later on for some beer-battered tofu :yum:

Frasier, porridge and coffee first though :v:


Urghhhhh. Send halp pls


Morning eric5!

I didn’t gym yesterday so am considering an over 35s football game later.

I’ll be planning some classes today and maybe watching the ScaJo Ghost In The Shell.

Toast and Nutella for breakfast.

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Sup cz?

I dunno. Want to sleep all day, but can’t :frowning:

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What frasier ep is on?

Quite hype bout my day today

Eggs+Coffee > Gym > Korean fried chicken and soju > Mates house who has the best dog ever for cocktails > Home to watch a movie like sicario

Beer battered tofu sounds good man enjoy!

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About to drive back from the dales. Then hoping to crash in front of a video game for a bit. Big plans!

Strange choice of wording :rofl:


Not hungover somehow

Mum and dad are coming to visit so i need to tidy up.

We’re going out to a country pub for Sunday Roast. I should cook as we’ve got a new kitchen, but country pub sounds good to me.

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Morning, mildly hungover…

Had coffee, need to eat then get out for my 1st proper bike ride since Xmas Eve

Going to go see that 3 Billboards film later

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really awful one with his greek aunt :confused:

I have a completely empty day with no commitments at all and now I can’t think what to do with it. :thinking:


Anglos all,

I have nothing planned today, gonna make some breakfast and then probably go noise up my nephews for a bit.

According to this thread, your options are cinema, Sunday roast or bike wankering.

Choose carefully.

Was gonna :biking_man: but woke up feeling shit so didn’t so went back to bed for two hours. Now it’s time for coffee and breakfast but dunno what to have :thinking:

Probably spend today reading, music and second coat of the hallway if we can be arsed. Did this yesterday:


Just woke up from a nightmare in which I was going on a school trip to Auschwitz and the Nazis started clearing everyone out of nearby holiday apartments and sending them to a new death camp, including me, my dad and my brother. Really nice to wake up to.

Going to grandad’s flat to help my parents clear his stuff out and collect my housemate’s birthday present from the royal mail depot.

Morning all.

Today I’m viewing a 3rd wedding venue then heading to Cardiff to watch some Rugby. I’m pretty sure we’ve already found the place we’re gonna choose for our reception though. The bar was set so high by the first place I can’t see anything clearing it.

Hope everyone has a lovely lazy day and may you all be so relaxed you skip the usual Sunday night dread.

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Cycle to the cinema then have a Sunday roast? Sounds like a good plan but normally have to book my friends out with at least a weeks notice :confused:

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Currently in bed, watching old episodes of Catfish. There was one I hadn’t seen!

Otherwise, having a cinema day (on my own, fao @laelfy) - seeing Three Billboards at a Cineworld and then Magnolia at the Prince Charles. I’ve never seen it before, basically cos it’s so long and I just know I wouldn’t pay sufficient attention if I watched it at home.