Sunday 08/12/19

My arm is aching so much it’s woken me up. Cba.

Why am I awake?

Morning. Off to Auschwitz in a moment :grimacing:


For those of you following the bairn saga. He’s still sleeping. That’s been like 5pm yesterday. Think he’s just about ready to get up but he doesn’t seem to be in any rush.


Off to see Mr Poppers Penguins at the theatre, then a late afternoon kids party.

Might take ear plugs with me.

Morning all. I have a foodover (in that dinner last night was so large that I still feel full and a bit groggy today). Going to a friend’s house for lunch later, pray for CCB please.

I went to a party last night where I didn’t know a soul and everyone was so nice and friendly and chatty and I made new friends and it was fantastic!!
I now have completely lost my voice from talking and coughing a lot over the last few days. This has never happened to me before! What do I do?

Lunch and bowling with my bfs family later which should be fun without being able to talk…


Sitting eating breakfast, wondering why a box of rice crispies costs €4.50 when a whole grilled chicken only costs €3 ??

6yo’s end-of-term ballet recital this morning, Björk later. Maybe squeeze a roast dinner and some background football in between. Should be a decent Sunday

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Had a great day yesterday. Today looks like it could be similar. Need to go food shopping which will be horrifying. But first, breakfast

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Morning! Got some pals coming over today to drink glögg and eat hot dogs. Need to clean the bathroom.

This morning I have to take my youngest daughter to athletics club, then drop her back here, pick up my eldest daughter, and take her to her kickboxing grading. The dad’s taxi tears have well and truly arrived.

I went to see her in London a couple of weeks ago. It was like nothing I’ve witnessed before - a true spectacle. You’re in for a treat.

Got a shitload of socialism to deliver today. That’s about it.


Glad it went well :smiley:


Going to work in a minute. It’s very windy. That’s about it tbh.

really not a fan of the lib dem candidate in your constituency. Go deliver socialism!



  • Reheated pizza for breakfast
  • Proper breakfast

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Can’t believe that you’re even asking this question. There is only one answer.

I want pizza now.


Cold pizza.

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I dislike cold pizza