Sunday 08/12/19

Save it for a snack/lunch, then you don’t miss out on nice breakfast foods (if you have something dece for that).


Wind blew the bathroom skylight open so it was windy inside when I got up.

Didn’t get Christmas decorations up yesterday, that might happen today, might not.

R has yet another cold, with a nasty cough this time :frowning:

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Then you’re beyond the help of a mere poll, sorry.

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Safety wink

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Why not both?


Going with the sensible @anon89873996 option

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I feel proud of myself as it was EXTREMELY out of my comfort zone. My bf had to kick me out of the car and drive off to make sure I went in :joy:


That was an accidental like. Sorry. Hope R gets better soon.

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*trombone parp*

He’s the man
The man with the Midas touch


Hey everyone

Having a coffee in bed with Jessica

I was planning on riding my bike but I’m feeling a bit off, so I’m not. Will do chores and do music at home instead.
I had a deeelicious shawarma last night

I’ve got a date at 7. I know she likes cats and is Irish but that’s about it :man_shrugging:


What a jazz musician he was.


Morning! MrS birthday so we are off out for lunch in a bit then have to do some work.

V has said he wants a tortoise or an electric drum kit for his Christmas present …can you hear what I hear? Poll time

  • You know you will end up caring for the tortoise
  • You know he will only play it a few times before it becomes a dust gathering monster
  • Just get him both, why not
  • Get him something else.

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Tortoises live for a really long time. Someone i know is in her 40s, maybe 50s, and still has to look after her and her brother’s childhood pet. It tries to bite anyone who goes in the garden and she hates it. Do not get him a tortoise.


Yeah, a couple of others have told me this too. Really looking forward to it

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Also I understand its unethical in the UK now???

“I’m coming for you, escape is not an option”



I start work tomorrow and I already have horrible Sunday blues. Don’t make me go.

Today: finding a post office that’s open, bit of shopping, watch Leicester, do some teeth grinding, maybe see some friends

I think she said they have to put the laundry basket over it when they go to hang out the washing


It sounds like the plot of It Follows, only with a tortoise

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