Sunday 08/12/19

i think this is the worst cold i’ve ever had :frowning:

my headaches get worse every time i blow my nose (which is regularly!) and my temperature is either freezing or boiling. my sleep keeps being interrupted by having to go down 2 flights of stairs in the night to have a piss (because i am drinking loads of water to try and flush out the germs) which isn’t fun at all. popping loads of paracetamol so i can actually blow my nose without pain.

absolutely fuck this

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Think I can hear some food being made in the kitchen. (I just woke up) Really hope bs is making me a cup of tea and some scrambbly eggs. :crossed_fingers:


Good morning,

Still in bed, going to get up and eat a leftover potato for breakfast in a minute.
No plans.
Not sure what to do with the day.
Will probably just lounge about the house.
Make a green vegetable soup for the week’s lunches. Urgh I’m going to have to get dressed to go to the shop aren’t I :cold_sweat:

V boring post, sorry.

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cool plates


Morning DiS!

Jimbo got in our bed around 5 and started asking for breakfast at 6. Somehow I ended up with the short straw and have been up for HOURS. We’ve done junior parkrun, and soon I’ll be off to check up on the sheep. Then I’ve got a big Christmas / Birthday shop to do, but I’ve got a clear plan and it won’t be an afternoon if dithering and meandering.

Slept from 19.30 to 9.30 :star_struck:


PS: I added grated cheese at the beginning of the process, in which the salt in the cheese broke down the egg resulting in this grainy texture. I know how to make good scrambled egg, and this mistake has put a mark on my previously unblemished record.


Who, what, now?

Going to a craft fair today purely for the tempura sushi rolls.


Was this the sewing party?

They’re bamboo

They are from EGGLA. Made with bamboo fibre. Can’t find them on the website tho cos it looks like they are refurbing the site. We have bowls from there aswell but in a different pattern.

Get the drum kit! If he grows tired of a tortoise then that sucks for the poor li’l guy (and you), but if he grows tired of a drum kit then it’s not the end of the world (and you can always sell it).


What do you mean returning the site

Always add the cheese in at the end so it melts in the hot hot egg

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Oh right

Check again


decided to treat myself to some food thing today but couldn’t figure out what i wanted. it’s sushi! that’s what i want :yum:


Looks good to me mate