Sunday 08/12/19

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Just been to the palace in Udaipur. Absolutely stunning place


Keep wishing I was you when I’m on my way to my shit job every morning


Team cold representing.

In :field_hockey: news, played my first ever national league match this morning and we won 1-0 :tada:. Feel like this deserves a like from @marckee. Currently watching this afternoon’s opposition demolish their opponents 16-2 (they’ve got the Scotland captain playing :grimacing:)


Lazy morning, just had a nice cup of tea, Time Bandits just started on Film4.

I’ve not done a solid poo for over a month and am really tired (was on buses for 40 hours in a week) all the time if that’s any consolation

  • Shower, wash hair, make look nice
  • Fuck that, just throw some clothes on and get back into PJs when you arrive home from the shop

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this does actually help, thanks

And Mumbai nearly made me come home it was that bad.

Where are you going to be working?

(also, the Post Office in WH Smith in the Galleries will be open today, but you’ll have to go into town)

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Drinking a coffee and eating a Lebkuchen :coffee::blush:

How do YOU pronounce Lebkuchen?

  • Leb-ooch-kin
  • Leb-ku-kin

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don’t really lebkuchen, prefer to get a takeaway



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More snow coming today, fuck me.

In bed with no plans of getting up for the forseeable


I forget where in the states you live, but is it normally quite a snow heavy area?


With the ‘ch’ pronounced the same as the Dutch do the ‘g’, i.e. very gutteral


It was!

I don’t post my face on here anymore but if you wanna see my outfit it’s on my Instagram: fartsharks :slightly_smiling_face:

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@avery loves correcting my pronounciation so I love deliberately continuing to pronounce words wrong.


I live in New England (Northeast part). We can get a lot of snow (3-4 years ago we got about 125 inches in winter),last few years have been tame no more than 40 inches i would say.

We are good for at least 2-3 storms a year over a foot.

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