Sunday 12th - the thread

Alright? Getting a greggs breakfast before a yomp in the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland. Breakfast will be a large coffee and a sausage baguette.

What you all about today?


Have had a headache for 24 hours. Eugh. Think I might give in and take a painkiller.


I’ve got most of the morning to myself today since Jimbo’s off to his third birthday party of the weekend. Might take myself down to the beach to top up my tan, because it’s properly Bill Withers out there


Alright. Driving back down to the coast to collect my daughter from my parents. Having a family brunch whilst there. Then no plans this afternoon. Maybe a BBQ?


Going out for lunch with mom + dad. Not much else to report really.

Probably stay inside and play computer games, for a change of pace

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Gonna go get the bus to San Marino I think

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Blackout after some alcohol and no dinner. Badly skinned my hand. I am a terrible person.

Morning all!

I was awake at 3.30 with an awake The Child for about an hour. After yesterday’s enforced socialising, I am feeling absolutely wrung out.

I need to mark at least five papers today and I’d quite like some computer game time but I doubt I’ll get time for the games once The Child realises what I’m doing.

I need to do some grocery shopping to allow me to cook some food later.

My sister made a surprise visit to fly up and see me for a mini baby shower yesterday that everybody else was in on but me. I came home from a wander and there she was :star_struck: Have had such a special 24 hours or so, now heading out for breakfast before she flies home :yellow_heart:


Hope you’re OK, these things always feel much worse the morning after than they really are. Take care of yourself (and hand!) today.


Barely slept due to intrusive thoughts/anxiety, feel like I’m going to have to have a drink to make it stop

2.5 hours sleep and I am very hungover. Need to get the train soon. Send help.

Nah just a bit of a slly billy. Look after yourself.

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TW: trypophobia / bit gross


Thought about posting this in the great things thread but decided the loyal sunday thread readers deserve a little treat

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Wish you were here


The tide’s meant to be on its way out, but it’s getting awfully close

Had a nice afternoon drinking session yesterday in that London.

Was just settling into bed around 23:45 when my son, who is ostensibly a student at Warwick university, rang to say he was in London for a TV Girl gig and had missed his last train back so could he crash at ours. Not only had he not mentioned that he was in town but he’s now muscling in on my indie territory. Felt proud.


Just woke up from yet another nightmare.

Dreading going back to work tomorrow after our week of shitty non holiday.
Avery is still ill.
I want my cat back