Sunday 12th - the thread

Have decided it’s folk horror season, listening to lots of 60s folk and planning films to watch, any recommendations?


Just woken up after three hours sleep following an 80 mile (130km) overnight bike ride.

It’s such a nice day here I might have a coffee and then go back out on my bike coz that’s how I roll. Got chicken breasts and salmon out of the freezer yesterday so will decide later on which to have. Had a lot of salmon recently so might marinade the chicken and have it with some veg.


just realised that all pugs look like Danny Devito

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Interested in this too but only marignally scary films for me pls

maybe trigger warning/spoiler this for people with trypophobia

(funny but the last bit freaked me out :upside_down_face:)


I’m really sad so please cheer me up by posting in the Sunday Dinner Thread today :pleading_face:

There’s a poll kicking off



Getting a coach home from a film festival in a little while. Ended up staying out really late last night which I disn’t think I would/don’t do much anymore, but ended up having an absolute banger of a night with an ATD so that was great. Managed to get up in time for hotel breakfast, then slept for another hour, and now I’m getting lunch :sunglasses:

I swam in tye ocean twice this week, very happy anout that!


Witchfinder General
A Field in England

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Hiya. Had an hour or so reading by the pool while everyone slept. Still in a shit mood. Others are probs gonna go to the beach later but I think I’ll only venture out to get food. Wanna go home and cuddle my dog :sob:

I’m gonna go to the skate shop and buy some knee and wrist pads and then come home and watch some tennis and then go bouldering


Thanks! Have seen a field in England but not the others - but Witchfinder General was mentioned :ok_hand:

Having the absolute time of her life


I’ve not seen it yet, but it has proven somewhat divisive over in the rolling horror thread…

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Bought some exciting record cleaning supplies, now off to wander to a record shop on the other side of town - hope the weather holds up for the walk

Later probs just some tidying, planning to get my art framed and hung, maybe make some pasta in the evening. Sunday!

Heard good stuff about Eyes of Fire

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Fucking hilly this place.


Legs are dead. Gonna have a bath then get back on the bike and go and get a spot of shopping.

Hills were glorious if rather chilly. Hares, deer, rabbits, and more birds than you can shake a stick at.


Just did a tip run of some garden waste. One bag had been in the garden a few weeks and had started to compost, so now my car smells of rotting vegetation. Which is nice :grimacing:

Had a big ol’ anxiety attack at the train station so that was fun.