Sunday 16/02/20

I forgot to cancel Hello Fresh. £42 down, five meals automatically selected, and arriving today at the exact time we’re supposed to be heading out. RIP me.


Whenever I read “hello fresh” I imagine the animaniacs saying it like they used to say “helloooooo nurse”


Waking up to the aftermath of Storm Dennis


I hope I have chopped tomatoes to make a shaksuka

This is a boring post but I get 4 tins of toms with my veg box twice a month and usually use slightly less than that so had a fairly big stash of tins of toms but used 10 in the last 3 days for curry and big stew so now its down a normal stash.

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I’m exceedingly happy for you but this doesn’t help me


^that’s just a picture of a Central European town square following an England football match.


Its the 1st anniversary of the Manchester DiSintegration state gig.


Was just thinking about this recently, great night

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You dont sound happy for me


Just image, had i not been reminded to get some croissants from the freezer, we might have had to have a bread for breakfast instead, but now it’s more a case of maybe having a bread for breakfast as well.

Can’t believe I have to spend the whole day inside, don’t know how I’m going to get through it :worried:

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My mums friend gave me her old slow cooker so I’m going to put stuff into it and see what comes out the other end.

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Any Love Is Blind watchers?


What was gonna be a nice relaxing day is now gonna involve the dreaded sunday ikea hell trip to buy a new bed. Ffs

I’d swap days with you tbf.

He woke me up saying there’s bad news and that he will make breakfast for me. But it’s his own fault for not reading emails immediately and cancelling immediately :tipping_hand_woman:

In on half term so gonna be out and not cooking anyway.

  • Give him half the money cos you feel bad and will end up eating (and cooking) some of the food
  • It’s his own silly fault and deserves to pay the full 42 which could’ve gone on drinks and a meal out today

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It’s an easy mistake to make tbh. They catch you out so easily.

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