Sunday, 17th day of the month of January

Alright? Off to work in a bit so that’ll be horrendous then home for some kind of roast, which will be less horrendous. You?!?

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Had a good day at a picnic now that’s possible here (until the next outbreak I guess) to celebrate a friend’s kid being 1 year old. Have barely seen him in that time obviously which has been a massive shitter.

Hope your Sunday at work isn’t too horrendous in the end

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As lockdown wheezes on I’m losing track a bit of what day it is but I’m not bad thanks. Will probably video call my sister and her boyfriend in Sydney which should lift my spirits.

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OMG it’s Sunday isn’t it :heart_eyes::meat_on_bone::raised_hands:t2:

:clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

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Good morning, today is sunny which is cheering me up, got a sore throat which isn’t ideal but I’m going to make some hot water with lemon and some porridge for breakfast which should help

Got some dreads going on, so that’s good

Morning @anon19035908 @1101010 @futilityofendeavour @frenchtoast @avocado @rich-t and everyone who posts below :arrow_down:

It’s sunny here. Going to have a lazy morning and get things ready for lunch, then maybe a walk this afternoon? Also maybe need to do the big shop though I might do it first thing tomorrow instead.

:sunny: there is more daylight today!

  • 2m31s in London
  • 3m07s in Edinburgh
  • 2m40s in King’s Lynn.

Didn’t realise your hair had got that long.


Turns out when a policeman showed up in the story I read my daughter last night she didn’t know the term ‘constable’ so she thought he was called Comfortable Graham.


There was an old Italian fella on the news earlier, talking about how someone should invent underpants for starlings.

It’s really tickled me.



We managed to fashion some makeshift curtains last night so we slept in our normal bed last night, and I got such a good night’s sleep. Aaaaah.

Looks like it’s a lovely sunny day out there, might make our allowed exercise a walk down to the beach to see the murmuration later


Good morning!
Accidentally left the heating on when I went to sleep so have woken up all sweaty and gross. Also had some weird dreams, which I won’t bore you lot with.
Gonna make a mushroom bolognese later.

That reads like a funny little poem :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Slept for TEN hours and now feeling super replenished.

Going to breakfast, yoga, bash through work to be done for the big match and maybe make a pie which I planned yesterday but went curry instead.

Sunshine is lovely here. :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sunrise:


Breakfast is served. Finding bake at home cinnamon swirls next to the pastry at the supermarket had been a game changer


Smdh shinymcshine

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just had to put my cat the sleep. I’m numb not sure what else to say

I’d eat those

:broken_heart: so sorry to hear that


aw shit :frowning_face:

sorry to hear that