Sunday, 17th day of the month of January

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



So sorry to hear that

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It’s been a while since I glazed some buns :heart_eyes::drooling_face:


Morning everyone. Managed to stay in my jammies all day yesterday so that was a success. Not able to do that this morning though, need to go to the shop and get messages.

I’m so so sorry. Such a tough thing to go through. Sending love :heart:


So sorry to hear that. Thoughts are with you pal.

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Morning all!

I had a lie in today so feel quite nicely rested. The Child insisted on fighting me as soon as I got downstairs because I’m Super Evil Daddy with tickle powers.

Wor Lass has gone back to bed.

I’m hoping to play some computer games today and will eventually be making a lamb stew later.

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so the emergency dentist phones early this morning, but I don’t have a land line and my mobile reception is shit. the call gets cut off at the start, but it’s an NHS number I can’t call back. Eventually they leave a message saying call 111 again if you still need urgent treatment so I do that and go through the whole process of telling them what’s wrong again because the process has to start from scratch, then the dental team you get put through to was busy but when they tried calling back they couldn’t get through and eventually gave up trying according to a voicemail so I’ve had to drive all the way to my fucking parents house so I can use a landline and start this fucking process again for a third time but I’ve probably lost the appointment they were trying to give me this morning and the dental team are busy again so I’m waiting for yet another callback and AAAARGH FML

at least I got a laugh from the person on the phone when she asked “is the tooth loose?” and I replied “no and if it was i’d have yanked it out my mouth by now”


Looks like you found it bloody exciting

Just sat in a tent waiting 15mins after my pint of Pfizer to make sure I don’t explode or something (didn’t even feel it!)

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@ynot Sorry to hear that mate (((hugs))) x


Sorry to hear that mate

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All a big ruse. Funny how no one has felt it!!! bEt tHeY eVeN aSkEd yOu t0 lOoK tHe 0tHeR wAy!

I’m just looking forward to the full functionality of office 365 unlocked post jab!


Get well soon, lovely! The absolute worst. Sending you love and sympathies xx


Urgh. Poor you toothache is the worst.

Can you get paramol?? My dentist recommended it for wisdom tooth pain and it is very good…have to ask for it over the counter and can take it alongside nurofen.

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Not sure listening to Evil Sean’s favourite band could help here.


Some neighbours beef kicking off in the Facebook group this morning.

Not had breakfast or even my chai yet and its almost lunch but the sacrifice was worth it as it means I get 3 hours without m as her dad is having her for the first time in 6 weeks. Annoying that 1.5 hours of that involves walking from my flat to his, back to mine, back to his, then another 30 mins after I get her to walk back home again :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: Would be great if it wasn’t such a bleak walk along a main road.

Amusing Facebook moment of the day. I’ll try retell this without giving away personal info:

My mum posted something on a meme about immediately spelling your surname after saying it, cos no one ever spells it correctly… she said that cold callers never get it right.

I replied with: “Ring Ring… ‘Hello, Is That Mrs [Mum’s Surname Pronounced Wrong]?’ - ‘Nope, no one here with that name, bye!’”

Almost immediately got a reply from some old boy saying “Actually that name’s pronounced [CORRECTLY]”

To which I almost came in my pants when I was able to retort


That was quite boring really, but I was like ha fuck you.


My favourite bit of Saturday Kitchen is when Matt gets a telling off in his ear and apologises to everyone for whatever naughty thing he’s done (Eg. Swearing)