Sunday 18 April

Good morning! Bet someone else posts a thread while I’m writing this.

Going to be cooking a full roast dinner later, but first bike and bagels.

Happy Sunday!

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:wave: morning everyone!

Had a cracking day yesterday sorting out the garden, lazing around and chatting to an old uni friend.

Off to see some pals this morning at the beach, then watching a movie with some friends (online sadly) later. A developer at my work joined at the beginning of last year. He’d just folded his company which was developing a good way for people to watch movies together online. Bet he’s kicking himself.


Crap night’s sleep partly because of hayfever and partly because my furry idiot son wanted to get on the bed. And then took up all the space on the bed. And then wanted his breakfast at 6.45.

Haven’t even got enough milk in the fridge for a cup of tea, so ordered a McDo breakfast.

Cba doing anything too strenuous today - probably just a dog walk and some pottering in the garden.

Morning all! Going to do a socially distanced outdoor picnic with the in-laws today, hopefully this will go okay. Yesterday was horrible, had a bloody bailiff turn up with a final notice for something we hadn’t had any letters for (moved house since it happened, old landlord didn’t forward mail, blah blah) which has been resolved but fuck me, what a wake up call at 8:30 and a day spent panic sorting stuff. I check my privilege of having a very very kind mother immensely here. Hopefully today will not involve any enforcement-type folks!


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Gonna walk in a different council area :sunglasses:


Happy Sunday!

Still in bed seeing if anyone will bring me tea. Then it’s omelette, cut mrS hair, bit of work, order some garden stuff, cook something fun.

Might watch the football.

May well drag kids for a walk in the sunshiiiiiine

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Morning all!

Slept late; feel grotty. Not sure if it’s cold, hay-fever or beer/ food hangover.

The weather isn’t nice today but The Child is actually going to football for the first time.

Work dread is simmering away nicely - I’ve got a class to plan for tomorrow but I had a flash of inspiration yesterday where I genuinely considered calling in sick for the first time in over a year.

Stupid fucking arsehole birds woke me up through earplugs at half four. Wish they’d all spontaneously combust.

Bit grumpy now.

Awake since five. Hate it.

Seeing friends in a park, how fucking groundbreaking.

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Hello hangover, my old friend. I don’t foresee me engaging in a whole lot of activity today, but should probably go for a walk and get some fresh air. First though, I must imbibe much coffee.

Been forced to take the week off this week, gonna restring my acoustic and prep for some recording.

Restrung the tele last night, had some high E issues that I don’t want to go into for the sake of my blood pressure and have ended up using a non-matching string, from a different manufacturer, and I swear I can hear the difference.

Like I obviously can’t and it’s all in my head but AARGH

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Ooft, that’s unfortunate.

Think the only sensible solution is to never touch that guitar again. Jazzmaster should be back from the shop this week.

better buy yourself a new guitar just to be safe.


Nope, that’s it. Gonna have to be second breakfast I’m afraid.


Caffeine, sunshine, bicycles



Feels like shorts weather. Probably too cold outside but hopefully it’ll warm up as the day goes on.


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I am currently doing a big clean. I am turning into my mother, who always used to do all the cleaning on a Sunday to my dad’s chagrin

Though I am planning to go to the garden centre after lunch which is always exciting. I can buy more plants to kill!