Sunday 2021-03-14

Good morning!

I have managed to go wash my hair a full hour before I normally do and now I’m waiting for it to dry a bit before going to bed. Difficulty: Having an edible to help me sleep and then remembering that my hair is still wet. I will not be taking questions on how I managed to not remember that my hair is wet.

Otherwise, Sunday is dedicated to resting and relaxing. I shall organise a bit and do puzzles and hope I have enough mobile wifi data to post! How about you?

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Happy mothers day to all the fabulous mums of dis :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Morning all!

We’re doing bagels, eggs and salmon for breakfast once Wor Lass wakes up. The Child and I have decorated the living room, which is a perfectly normal thing to do at 8.00 in the morning.

I’m doing some outdoor football training this afternoon and making steak and chimichurri sandwiches for tea.

Word to the mothers, regardless of what you’re mothering x


Had to ‘sleep’ on couch till 5 am in an attempt to get bairn 2 to sleep. Now too fucked to get out of bed and I need to lavish on my similarly suffering wife with attention.


Feel like shite today

I hate the police and Priti Patel


there are 12 hours a week you can listen to this song


Happy Mother’s Day

My other half had a lie in, but she gets up an hour after me most days so :man_shrugging: Jimbo’s been quite sweet though

Looks like a nice day so we’ll probably go and get some fresh air somewhere

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Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers and all of the Mothras out there in radio land

Woke up with a right shitter of a headache, which I’m hoping drinking water will sort out


There’s these two pigeons (I like to think they’re married) that are often sat on the wall outside my kitchen window, scratching about. And before anyone’s like “it’s not the same two pigeons” it bloody is, I recognise them.
Anyway I leave bread and scraps and whatnot on my windowsill for birds and squirrels but these two just don’t wanna take anything. And I feel bad for them really, cause now nightclubs and stuff aren’t open they probably aren’t getting as much food now that kebabs and chips aren’t strewn over pavements as much so I try and help them out but they have none of it. Anyway. I just opened my window to chuck them some stale bread on the ground and they actually looked at me, looked at the bread and BOTH turned the other way. Oh, I’m sorry, is some hovis tasty wholemeal not good enough for you? You eat sick! I’ve seen pigeons eat sick!!!


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Good morning and Happy Mothers Day to all the Dismoms.

Just had to open a bottle of wine for a recipe, but we don’t own a corkscrew. Went through the destructive list of alternatives and eventually got into it (and got covered in red wine).

Going to have an hour on the bicicleta and then have a bath when I get back.

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Morning DiS. The missus has been at her mums since Thursday for mother’s day and I’ve completely regressed to being 18 at uni. Takeaway boxes and cans everywhere.
Day of cleaning for safebruv ahead


Sun’s out


Morning and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums. Also to all the step-mums, dad’s girlfriends and other sometimes neglected people in blended family arrangements for whom this can be a difficult day.


Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms out there.

Supposed to be 50 mph winds here at some point mid morning so we are getting a hike in early. Then do some cooking. Hoping I can finish my book today too.

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MARLON: hey roscoe I was just thinking of playing devils advocate on the internet

ROSCOE: but there are so many games on the internet why don’t you play the Google dinosaur game instead

MARLON: because Google are an evil corporation who are compounding inequality in San Francisco and up to all sorts of nasty shit like when you’re trying to scroll through emails and you can’t find the slider thing

ROSCOE: to play devils advocate though they have Pac Man on their browser so they must be good

MARLON: alright then Pac man it is


Blasting an Underworld banger from a Music League playlist, having a coffee, and started my (endless) lasagne making process

Doing alright for 11am!

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I am making a carrot soup for lunch because I have loads of carrots. More updates as and when they happen.

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Got a bad case of the Sundays. Just the same old monotonous fucking shit, cba with work tomorrow.