Sunday 29

Hiya morning. Had a dream where @plasticniki gave me a Xmas gift of some ellesse cycling shoes that’s main feature was plastic on the inside walls so that your shoes can ‘roll’ with your feet. But then I couldnt remember where I’d got then and nearly said to her ‘I wonder where I got these’.

Then I was locked in an evil hybrid of my work and school and we had to escape.



Just been rudely awoken by workpeople of some description.

Went to bed at half 10 and only had 2 gins so still feel fresh. No plans really.




Morning. No plans…might drag kids to the woods for a walk

First Sunday of Advent. So that’s exciting


morning. having coffee in bed before a big bike. NGL, CRBA. It looks cold out there :cold_face:


Mrs W is doing her weekly shift at the Samaritans - so it’s just me and the kids.

We spent most of yesterday baking, so I suspect we’ll just sit around, stuffing our faces with the results, and watching movies. Might stick on Elf and/or Nativity.

Don’t forget MM3 tomorrow everyone.

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Good morning, can’t believe it’s almost December and 2020 is over. It’s not been as nearly as bad as it could have been so I’m not going to be like CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO FINISH etc. Anyway what are your plans for the day? I didn’t end up going for a weekend walk yesterday so I’ll go at lunchtime and get something from the park cafe for lunch. What would you be doing if there was no COVID at all? I would probably go to a museum and get a nice lunch, which is a really nice solo sunday activity


Was interested to see what date the emoji would show, its july 17 on android :laughing:

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I’ve read them both and I prefer this one X

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I’m seeing double. Two sunday threads.

Bairn slept all night, so had a glorious sleep. Trying to motivate myself to go run. It’s so cold out there though.

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Anglos a Sunday!

Today’s good news is that our house (where we’ve been for four years now) has a carbon monoxide alarm! Who knew? Well - we do now after it went off this morning. Turns out it was up on top of the kitchen cupboards.

Anyway, after leaving the back door open and googling, it seems that a long constant alarm thankfully isn’t a warning of carbon monoxide threat and it’s just the alarm going wrong. Phew.

So - my plan for the day now is to go and buy a new carbon monoxide alarm!



you just reminded me to test mine (still works)


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Was going to have a big lie in but one of those drain cleaning lorry things did a circuit of the street at 8 o’clock. Fuming/tired.

First snow of the season right now


Have to have a conversation today with my GF’s parents about moving in with them for a while. Not looking forward to that one bit.


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it’s alright but it isn’t going to settle. Gonna have to wait a few weeks for the real stuff

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