Sunday 29

I’ve never made a yule log but I’d like to…
Is this the recipe?

  • I don’t like glacier cherries
  • I do! :cherries:

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Yep, that’s the badger. So, so good.


you’ll log
I’ll log
we’ll all log our interest in having
yule log

  • Tune
  • Fake n shite

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Morning everyone :wave:

In bed about to be brought a lovely cup of tea :blush: yeeessssss!

Bought myself a pair of tartan trousers last night, I am excited for their arrival.

I went for a walk yesterday and bumped into a friend and had a brief chat, it was really nice. … I’m concerned I’m turning into too much of a hermit :grimacing:

Also anyone else watch the Tom Kerridge pub programme? Oh how I miss the pub…



:pleading_face: :heart:
Oh that is lovely.
Thank you!!!

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Got the shakes. Not sure if caffeine or low blood sugar.

Morning my lovers.
Was meant to see my cousin today but we’re both still poorly pups. Miserable about that.
Would also love to go to the cinema on my own tonight, but can’t because they don’t exist anymore. Hmmm.
Still, might do veggie sausages, veg and mash for dinner so that’s exciting? Sort of?
Just want a hug. Months without a hug have got me holding hands with my feet again.

This resource maybe be of some very minor help in substitute of actual hugs:


Also, considering the circumstances of both my life and the general world, I’m feeling alarmingly festive.
Hung little bells and robins up! It’s delightful! Might do the (miniature) tree today!


<3 you are an angel, thank you!

Hope you and R are feeling better this morning, was thinking of you both xx

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He’s incredibly chipper considering what happened! Myself less so, but muddling through.


Haha :smiley: shouldn’t laugh really, but of course he is. Classic tiny human, wreak havoc, have a sleep and then be totally fine.
Hope you stop shaking soon btw. Maybe a sugary tea? :slight_smile:


Turns out we’re apparently putting the Christmas tree up today. Looking forward to seeing how manky the decorations have got in the cellar :grimacing:

Had a couple of squares of emergency chocolate but no impact yet, beginning to think it was just I made my coffee way too strong :upside_down_face:

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I always feel like sausage and mash is really reliable comfort meal.

I think we’re doing toady hole but I might suggest this as an easier sausage option. I’m aware there’s already a thread for this type of chat.

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  • Looks like Gnometorious is in a poll making mood! Yay! She lights up the board with her charming and witty ways :relaxed:
  • Oh bloody hell does everything have to be a poll (misery option) :unamused:

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No such thing!


It really is, isn’t it? Think it’s the mash. Anything with mash is like a hug. Can see why that badger loved it so much.

Ooooh, hole is tempting though!! Could do a hole. Finally got my mits on the vegan Richmond’s and want them to SHINE.

Always jealous of your family’s meals :yum:

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