Sunday 29

:smiley: awwww, that’s really sweet and lovely to hear!

Just poured some of that fiiiiiiiine Hennessy Cognac all over my Christmas cake. Gonna get rare off that thing.


sending virtual hugs from Glasgow :hugs:


dunno what to do today, probably go out for a walk. hopefully meet up with my nephews or summit

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What will the final ratio of cake:booze be in in your Christmas cake do you reckon? I was going to do a poll but too many options.

Oh, actually let’s simplfy it…

  • More cake than booze
  • Equal cake and booze
  • More booze than cake

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Thanks lopes :heart: X

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Oh forget it then :smiley: it’s gone again.


Whst if the booze IS the cake?

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Forgot my best friend’s birthday yesterday and he’s not replying to my grovelling messages. Absoolllvveeee me please (him not you)

My best friend forgot my birthday yesterday. I’ve muted the prick.


Doing some work in the office and my colleague is giving me death stares from across the room


No Sundaying for me as I’m about to head back to the UK for work for the last time this year. A bit gutted I can’t make it work to see any of my family before Christmas but I’ve suggested we have Christmas in the New Year when things are hopefully a bit better.

Happy first Sunday of advent! Rolled out the purple tablecloth and purple candles, even put some purple tinsel on one of the house plants.

My sister put up my entire advent calendar yesterday!! I’ve only put of 6 of her little parcles so need to get on that before Tues.


Some of my wallpaper’s going a bit yellow in patches. Might be a small drip somewhere but living in a roof space makes it hard to check… anyone got experience with this? Can I just wash it off?


I think the main reason Wor Lass and I got together are that we’re feeders.

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Where was this on Thursday?

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I’ve only just found out the Ukip candidate for mayor of London is called Peter Gammons.

I’d presumed it was made up, but apparently not.


My other half accuses me of being a feeder.

But she’s the one who does the cooking

How does that work?