Sunday 2nd August 2020

Silly toddler up at 4:30. She’s a bundle of energy. Keeps showing me a toy seal so I make its sound. Hayfever through the roof again. Can’t cope. Whatcha up to, DiS?


I woke up at 4 for no reason. Just watched the film ‘unfriended’ on netflix. It was surprisingly entertaining. I’m very hungover and today is going to be a long day

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Currently doing my second night shift of three. Tedious but manageable.


Up and going to the seaside. Once I have made picnic, gathered towels and stuff, got kids up, breakfast and checked weather.


Which seaside?

Burton Bradstock, near Bridport. Leaving early to beat the crowds with luck…two hour trip, might have a power nap on the way.

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That’s pretty adorable, even for someone awake at such a monstrous hour.


Have a great day.

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Anglos a today

No plans. Hope it it is less hot.

So boring.

Had a very weird stress dream about my cat, kinda messed up my sleep

Yeah she’s annoyingly cute at the moment. Does everything with a proper sparkle in her eyes


Morning everyone. Fell asleep on the couch last night at 10ish, woke by TV to get up to bed and fell straight asleep. Tramadol was making me v high last night.

Woke at 2am when I wore off again. Fucks sake. Feel like a zombie.

Got to pack up the house more today, but going to take the kids to the park first.


Sore back, and a shoulder that’s been weird for days that I can’t figure out. Back is probably a lot due to a bed that’s softer than I’m used to. Ahhh, life at 30+!

Being driven into the mountain farm in about half an hour to ride back with some guests from yesterday. They were six women in their twenties having a bachelorette party, they looked a bit overwhelmed when I said I would be there at 9:30 today and they should be oacked and ready by then… Quite interested to see how they’re getting along today. A lot of drink in their luggage obviously :joy:

Wishing a nice and relaxing Sunday to all :sparkles:



My eldest child is 21 years old today. Seeing her later on, next eldest has taken over the kitchen to make a very elaborate looking biscoff and coffee birthday cake. I managed to make a coffee at least

Beautiful clear sky today


How much icing and or batter are you going to sneak before it’s done?

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Morning everyone, think there might be a bee in my kitchen but I can’t see it.

This is beautiful, totally perfect for a Sunday morning (and the looped section at the end ooo)

Morning everyone except the man in this video.

None! Too early for icing and I’m not a fan of raw batter

Aw yeah