Sunday 2nd August 2020

Biscoff and coffee are both breakfast staples in my house so you’d be entitled to a small leftover slice at this ungodly hour.


Neighbour party stopped at 3. Bit tired.

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I’ve woken up mildly hungover in a motorhome parked on the bank of Windermere. It’s pissing it down.

We’re going to have to find a supermarket in Kendal to stock up on supplies. Might just fill the van with mint cake.

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The bee was outside. Nice day here folks, don’t know what to do with that info but it’s well sunny

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Cannot believe it’s 9am all over again


I think @kermitwormit and I put the world to rights last night?
And now my head hurts

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Anglos a Sunday! It’s raining in Truro so that’s our cue to head home. Got to pack and clean the house then a five hour drive.

No plans, guess i’ll just sit at home sweating all day then. Oh no i do actually have to go to my studio and pick up a guitar, so that’ll kill an hour.

:smiley: we definitely did.
Mine too haha

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Neighbour with the balcony is already out there wearing his little blue speedos. It’s every day!! Just want to eat my crumpet in peace

Woman with the fucking crumpets is out there again this morn


Oh f…

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Hahahaha absolutely done.

Just had a kefir and a Cinammon bun. Gonna let it digest for twenny mins and then go BIKE


Have I missed a story here?

Just want to…wear speedos in peace?


Was gonna go bike with my son but he fell over on the beach last night after drinking the eldest’s birthday punch and his thumb area is all swollen. I’ll get up off the sofa and start doing all the stuff I need to do any minute

Hey up.


legs are smashed to bits this morning after doing a walk yesterday

maybe coffee will help