Sunday 5/7/20

Will someone beat me to it?

What are you all up to today?

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Morning froglet.

Fell asleep on the sofa last night. Have a crick in my neck now. Wifey hasn’t been well over the past 18hrs, so I’m not sure a trip to a NT house is happening now. We’ll see. Need breakfast and to sort kiddo out.


Coffee is brewing whilst I listen to Arab Strap. The weather went from shite to ‘ooooo, what shall we do?’ in 5 mins

Sup froggy

Morning all.

Woke up feeling sad for some reason. Combination of factors: pre-week dread setting in; that feeling of the summer beginning to ebb away; tiredness; general underlying feelings of shittiness towards myself. Feel like I probably just need a good cry or something.

No real plans for the day.


This morning we’re going to find Steve Ovett’s foot. Barbecue for lunch if the weather clears up but it’s raining at the moment so :man_shrugging:

Mild hangover and no supplies to make pancakes. Help!

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



would quite like a nice breakfast but can’t think of what

Had a really spicy Chinese, 6 dipas and a massive bag of sweets last night so I feel awful

Why are wall mounted towel rails/racks not big enough for modern towels

Stick these in a bowl with some milk


Just had a fry up. Need to go to the shops for some boring but necessary stuff. Might bake something later, although looking out the kitchen window I can see the grass could do with cutting if it’s dried out enough by this afternoon, so I should probably do that instead. Sigh.

IN from work
Had a shower and cheekily used the GF conditioner and my hair smells amazing
Might book my haircut for tommorow, cos my mans who sort me out got appointments, but I dunno
Weather looks ok, might do a bbq later maybe

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Should be doing useful things while R is out with his dad but all I want to do is stay curled up in a ball. If I manage to do anything on my kist of things to do it will probably be make cookies, which is the least essential task by far. Why do I have to be so rubbish.

Really want a big old croissant and (double) espresso outside in the sun

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ooh could go a savoury croissant actually

like a ham and cheese kinda thing

I also had a spicy Chinese last night, the last bit of which I ate just before bed after 6 cans, so now have heartburn and stomach ache

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Off to meet the in-laws at a country park after a blazing row about whether they can come in the house. A somewhat hollow victory as I now have to drive for an hour to get there BUT STILL.

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Just a big old butter one for me pal
Like stupid big
Like - “Alexander wept, seeing as he had no more worlds to conquer” - big